Give up on seeds?

A little while after lowering the light the leaves started pointing up. Too low maybe?

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Nah, should be fine. Mine do this after every watering. If they start to curl then that’s probably light stress. :+1::+1:

@Naturalmedsman If you find yourself in a quandary as to what may be wrong with your girls, I found this site just google marijuana deficiency chart. I’d like to have wallpaper of this. Cat

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Quick update.

@CalamityJane this one is still fighting lol!

This blue dream auto is at about 10 days above soil and looking a bit stunted. Had a deformed cotyledon.

Northern lights photo also 10 days above soil and doing well.

GGA about 20 days above soil and filling out nicely. Getting transplanted tomorrow to it’s permanent home outside.

@lakelandcat I’ve been looking at the charts and I’m not convinced it’s a nutritional issue. I’m using Coast of Main seed starter soils which has a good amount of nutrients. Switching to Stonington blend when I move it outdoors. Local nursery carries the product line and I’ve heard good things about it.

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YAAASSSS!!! Go little one!

All the others seem to be chugging along nicely! Good work. :+1:

You are growing grass, literally

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All look good but the Blue Dream, but Blue Dream is still green!!! Have you checked your PH? Nitrogen looks good. Never can tell it might shoot up quick. Are you misting her or light water in the cup? Good luck, remember green is good. Cat

I don’t know I’m rookie but all about that don’t let soak for to long is a lie cuz I read " 20" different way to germinate any seed auto or photos and I decided to follow what ILGM recommend in any case I make mistake on germinate they can replace my seed and so far I germinate my like ILGM Said soak in darkness for 72hrs but always I checked how long is the tail if is 1/4 o 1/2 is ready on my case I add h2o2 for make the seed shield more easy to open if you follow the germination rules of ILGM you mistake was on plant the seed, went you plant the seed on soil you tail need to be upside down and not to dip