Girly parts, close for work ;-)


It’s a girl! I mean, it was a feminized seed, so it’s not a surprise or anything. But she’s coming along nicely.


I am seeing that right, yes?


Congrats, it’s a girl!


There you go brother lookin good


@MattyBear, @Dieselgrower Thanks!


One more shot. I count about two dozen bud sites. Tuck, tuck, tuck!


All out of likes @elheffe702 welcome to the forum and your girl looks great. I’ll be following along.


Thanks @Covertgrower! What does “all out of likes” mean? It will only allow so many?


Very Nice mate. Clean and healthy, care to share the seed you are using for that.


I’m all out of likes too @elheffe702 Looking good :green_heart: :seedling:


So many per day brother


@elheffe702 you only are allowed so many likes after so many hours. It’s very confusing, because it’s not based on any kind of system. Sometimes you get a lot sometimes you get a few.


To prevent spamming, I presume. Thanks for clarifying.


She’s from a White Widow feminized seed I got for free with my order from True North seed bank


Looking good @elheffe702


Update please👍


My grow journal is here: