Girls were looking good last night, should I be worried with humidity?

Second week in flower and looks like the stretch is just about over and I’ll start to see some blooms. I’m never gonna do 7 plants in a 5x5 flowering again, it’s just too much and the humidity has been out of control. I finally have a 70 pint dehumidifier coming today so I can get the humidity under control. It’s been hovering at 70%. I have the temp at 75 cause the vpd chart says that would put me in range for 1.2 vpd. Since I’m on week 2 of flower is this gonna affect my end result? Or should it be ok once I get the humidity down to 50% for the rest of the grow? I also lowered the light.


I would give extra attention to stripping and thinning out what is below the net. I assume you have ground level fans running.
Is 75 when lights are on? When lights are off and temps drop the humidity can climb. I’ve had condensate form on leaves and especially between leaves where they overlap. - Something to watch for.


Agree with @beardless on this especially thinning out the growth to help with air circulation :love_you_gesture:

I have the underneath defoliated pretty welll. This is right after I defoliated 2-3 days ago.


Do you have an online fan pulling air out of your tent? Air movement should help if so.

Humidity is not going to be harmful to the plants growth or development. The reason for lowering humidity during flowering is only to prevent mold or mildew issues, not because the plants need it lower. At this early stage that’s not a big threat, especially since you’ll be fixing so soon. It becomes far more critical as flowering progresses and buds get bigger.

Anyway you could get a fan or 2 down there to blow upwards through your canopy towards your exhaust fan :love_you_gesture:

I have one down there. And a 16” hurricane up top. I’m actually ordering a tower fan today to get rid of the hurricane. My 70 pint dehumidifier will be here today so I should be able to get control of everything. I currently have a 5x5 and a 2x4 in my spare bedroom turned grow room. I’m switching tbe 2x4 veg tent out for a 4x4 next week and starting my perpetual harvest. I decided to go ahead and make a journal out of it so I can showcase what I’m doing, get suggestions and maybe save some others some mistakes by learning from mine. I need to make some kind of lung room but I’m all out of space once the 4x4 is in there. Like really out of space , I’m concerned with being able to fit my ac and dehumidifier In the room haha but I’ll figure it out I’m sure. I was almost thinking about building a shelf with a box and carbon filter and run it out the window to get the air out and I have my ac connected to the intake fan with a splitter and an ink bird contolwr for the air coming in. Idk if anyone has any suggestions I’m almost considering stacking my 2x4 on top of the tents and running all the hvac in there and then out the window. This is what it looks like now outside the tents .
![image|375x500] (upload://dySaFdNUUZUw7Mnc7cMgSynW0Fa.jpeg)

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Yes I have an in-line fan

This explains what I was saying about the humidity. It’s from coco for cannabis.

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Where do you vent it to? Outside or just out of the tent?

My garage is my lung room for my tent and closet and if your bedroom is conditioned getting the temps and RH should be fairly easy. I have inline fans in my lower ports that pull air from the lung room and generally get a 10 degree difference with the Rh about the same depending on the growth stage and number of plant’s with transpiration. My suggestion to control the environment is inline fan, oscillating fan and exhaust fan :love_you_gesture:

Outside the tent

@matty777 So the area outside the tent is often referred to as the ‘lung room’ and I’d guess you’re just recirculating the same air back in. The inline fan creates a negative pressure air flow-it draws air into the tent. I use a window fan unit attached to my exhaust hoses to vent outside. Hard to keep my humidity up lol.

Sorry the pics are so crappy. Had to text home and have them sent to me lol.


No worries that was super helpful. I have the same thing accept mine is attached to the ac so I get fresh air from outside whenever the temp goes above 75 degrees cause I have it plugged in an inkbird controller. Is this effective or should I figure something else out? I don’t know if my pics are clear enough or not . Thanks

Could I get away with just using one of those window fans and get rid of my ac for the winter?. I live in Brooklyn so it’s def cold outside. I’m betting this will get more fresh air in as well and maybe I can exhaust it back out the window.

I’d think so. Mine pulls air into the room from the hall and beyond. I set the fans on low-I just want the continuous flow into and out of the room through the tents and filter. Good luck. Keep us posted on your developments!! :+1:t2::sunglasses: