Girls Turning yellow 5 Weeks into flower

Hi Everyone…Back again for more advice, My 3 girls are 5 weeks into flower and were doing excellent up til the past week or so where they have started to turn yellow…
3 Females- 2 Burmese Kush 1 Abominable Snowman- both indica,They are in a closet under Scrog net, grown in 5 gal fabric pots with Michigan Mix soil…have not added any nutes of any kind during veg but have started to use Organo Guano 5mil/gal and Sugaree 5mil/gal, they get watered throughly twice a week…every 3-4 days…Lights on temp 80-84. lights out 73ish, and also have a yeast Co2 bottle setup, Not sure if is Nute deficiency, light burn,stress, or just normal that all the energy is being used in the buds at this point…Any advise would be so much appreciated at this point…seems like Ive come so far and so close and really dont want problems at this point…Thanks and look forward to your comments


@MrPromo They’re starting to suck the energy out of the leaves and put them into the buds nothing to worry about


Yup you are nearing the end. Hope u have that loupe ready :joy:


The Ladies are about halfway tru the flowering cycle. Unless you are overloading on nutes…it looks like they are starving for nitrogen…yellowing leaves at top. Still have lots of white hairs.
A magnifying glass will help. Look at the many little mushroom shaped trichomes. Too early…all clear.
Too late…all dark/cloudy. JUST RIGHT—30% slightly cloudy.
Remembering to flush for two weeks will reward you with a fine smooth tasty smoke. fertilizer tastes mucho malo…yuk!!! :face_vomiting:

Hey all. Thanks for the answers. .they were the ones I was hoping for…any suggestions or recommendations on what nutes I should add at this point… im guessing could be 4/5 weeks left til harvest

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Look for something with a low or non existent N value and a higher P, K percentage. I like to give mine something like Open Sesame (FF) but there are many others. Your plants are extracting N from the leaves and they will drop off as the plant matures. It may be a bit early but then again maybe not.