Girls screaming for HELP

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Ok so the girls are sick, Detroit nutrients seed to harvest soil 50% perlite ilgm white widow auto’s jacks 321full strength amended once a week with recharge mammoth P and molasses ph is 6.3-6.6 6.6 gallon autopots hlg 350r was pretty close (they kept growing into them) 60% I have them at 26 inches as hi as I can go. Also a hlg 300lr at 60%. 4by8 tent but using half 8 inch blower into another room with a/c. 78-81 degrees 50% humidity. I am in autopots so trays always pretty much read same as res ec/ppm 1090 full jacks 1ml silica and .6ml mammoth per gallon tap/well starts at 107ppm on 500 scale.

Halfway through week 4 of :rose:

Looks hungry for nitrogen. Did it just stretch a lot? If so could have used up its nitrogen from the stretch after flip. The nute levels in the tank were not enough to keep up.

Yes did just stretch ,so I should up part b by how much?

Not sure at week 4. I don’t use auto pots. Got one just didn’t use it. I realized I like coco growing. I can feed everyday to stay on top of things better. Just what works for me

Maybe you could tag someone who can help, next time I will be doing coco in the autopots. I feel the autopilot is better for a newbie like me so I don’t drown or drought them. But feel like I am doing a roller coaster ride in soil.

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Hey @Myfriendis410 @Nicky is auto pots supposed to be 5.8 or 6.5?

I’m thinking PH 5.8
If you are using 500 scale, ppm’s might be pretty high for nutes, I think.

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

I’ll try and respond but idk night get flagged for any thing I say or get banned since I’ve already got a warning :roll_eyes:.

Depends on medium. 6.5 soil 5.8 soil less.

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Thanks @Nicky ! Hope you stick around brother. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

The second picture looks like it might have some light issues. Have you had light closer at some point?
Also, have you calibrated your PH meter lately?

Yes I did state above I just raised the light. I have it as height as I can get it now, hopefully it will help. Ph pen new and calibrated

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Overall, your plants are looking good! The way the most top growth of some of your plants tend to be on the yellow side, I would keep an eye on things, if they don’t get better, I would lower the intensity on your lights some. The leaves will not recover because of being in flower. If it’s too hot, your trics will turn too quickly.

Cool cool thanks for your time

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I run mine at 5.8 to 6.0 in Promix HP.

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