Girls exposed to several days of freezing temps

So unfortunately after dealing with major nutrient issue my girls were exposed to several days of freezing temps. First of all we got snow 2 months early this year. I wasnt really prepared then my heater took a shit, spent couple days trying fix it and now waiting for parts to come. There was at least one night it hit 20°f. I have had a couple portable propane heaters going which didn’t help much and threw Co2 ppms to 4,050 ppm. There has been the issue of not being able to ventilate or feed plants. I dont want to introduce cold air (I did vent out when co2 went 4000+ppm) to get fresh air in, and feared feeding them would turn them into blocks of ice. One group of them started turning weird colors, they were some of my best plants before all this. I’ve got temp to 55°f over past couple days, fed them Advanced nutrients the other day. They perked up and started looking better, then today they look like shit. Will they recover when I get my heater resolved ? What’s wrong with them.

You know what’s wrong with them lol, they are like my girlfriend as soon as it drops down below summer Temps they start telling you how cold they are and want you to crank the heat before they die regardless of the cost…

So yeah they are moving super slow and have been damaged.
That last picture I don’t know if those will make it… But the others might.
You need heat man.


I’ve got a 165000 btu heater I’m waiting for parts on, should be here tues. Thanks for reply

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That’s a massive heater, holy f what do you run it off? Pipe it straight into nat gas?
Don’t have any space heaters as back up?
Can you move em somewhere for the long weekend?

I have 150 plants in a 45 x 60 foot barn. Yes I hard piped heater into 500 gallon propane tank.

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If it was me ide have gone to the local rental store and got a construction heater once you knew you were down, thats a big crop loss.

But yeah heat


What went down on the heater?

The heater was in my indoor (horse arena) it hasnt been used since I owned the place for 5 years now. It was stuffed full of hay and bird shit. I only recently ran black pipe to it for propane. It has 4 safety switches, one of them being a blocked vent switch. That was first I found to be faulty. The other 3 are Fan control, Fan limit switch, and an eco (energy cut off) i have ordered all new ones. I got heater working by stealing a blocked vent switch from another small heater. The heater keeps shutting down after a minute or so of starting, i believe it either the fan limit or fan control switch.

Thermocouple/dirty flame sensor?

You have just identified a ‘hard fail’ and you would be well advised to acquire a replacement heater n the event this happens again. It is likely you will be seeing a number of hermaphrodites once it all shakes out.


I replaced the pilot assembly which has thermo coupler & pilot. The heater is a Reznor f-165 unit heater, 165000 btu

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I have same heater. I just had to blow dust out of mine. Took all covers off gave it a good cleaning and it fired right up.

That’s a lot of plants