Girl scouts cookies looks great!

Shout out to I.L.G.M. awesome genetics!
Hmu if anyone is needing some help :relaxed:


What a sight! All GSC?

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Looks great


Looking good!

Nah got four girl scouts and the rest are white widows!


Is the second pic a widow? I’ve seen some of their widows display sativa genetics.

Looks great keep up the good work

Nope, supposed to be cookies

Nice n healthy growmie !! Stay on it.

All 4 of my ilgm WW autos were sativa dominate. Are they supposed to be indica dominate?

It’s pretty close to a middle of the road hybrid. So it can display either sativa or indica traits. Or a combo of both which is what I usually get.

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I guess mine are a combo too. The bud structure is hard and compact like indica but the high isn’t the stoney it’s more back of eyes If you know what I mean

My ww are just now starting to bud. But I done a little shwazzing action this morning. Y’all tell me what you think :thinking:

Here’s another one of my cookies

And another :laughing:

And here’s a ww that’s twenty Days younger, check this out!

And another :laughing:

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Beautiful! Had both those phenos and the short one was out of this world

She looks real healthy good job Growmie!!