Girl Scout extreme, How am I doing?

Hi all.

This is my first grow and I’m about week 6/7. I’ve got three girls growing in a Way oversized tent.

I’m running a Mars hydro led 300w about 16cm above plants
Soil ph is 6/6.5
Temp is steady between 15-20 degrees Celsius.
Watering every 3 days w water that’s 6.8ph
Humidity is flux between 45/55%

So far I haven’t used nutrients as I noticed a bit of nute burn a few weeks ago, I’m assuming it came from the potting mix I used (osmocote premium)

I’m a little concerned about the smaller buds and the overall yield of the gals. To me seems like the buds are on the small size.

Would trying some nutrients out at this stage do much or am I better off just letting them finish the grow?


Not to shabby for your 1st time and your at the pre bulking up phase they’ll triple + in bud size over the next 4-6 weeks I bet you’ll get a solid 3 ounces from each if you want more you’ll need to veg them harder/ longer next time


Great thanks for the feed back.

Yeah I’m pretty happy with them. When it comes to veging harder, I did keep the light cycles longer to postpone the flowering phase, being an auto flower of course it just flowered anyways.

Is there another way to veg…harder ?

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Of course better medium , coco coir is fantastic for getting big autos since they’re always moist . Optimal humidity, I run a humidifier 24/7 my tents currently at 85% rh. Watch the leaves any praying at all and up their light intensity. Certain nutrient additives such as mykos and mr fulvic.

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Oh yea that all makes sense.

I definitely need a better light. The 300w is great for seedlings but doesn’t seem to go as well for flowers.

The spider farmers are looking good for my next round.

I’ll give the coco a run also

Thanks for the help snek


Looking good ! buds just now starting to fill out and Stack Up. Check your ppm run off and feed accordingly with a good bloom nute to get you to the finish line.

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She’s not really asking for anything so dont mess up a smooth flow. Actually looks spectacular. Great first run!

She will be putting on the weight soon. May ask for a bloom feed or two shortly. But just be prepared for when she does. Dont jump the gun.

Also food for thought. That last pic shows a fair amount of lower lil nuggs that will never amount to much (wasting good energy). U can clean up the lowest one or two on each branch. I know it hurts. But trust me. She’ll thank u later. Hehe

Welcome to the forum! And stick around. Cool place with cool peeps. And we all love growing the reefers


Yeah I was wondering about the purp.

I removed a few leaves that weren’t doing that well from the base of the plant. Wasn’t sure if I should remove the Lil nuggies too as there was a lot Of very strong opinions on defoliation/topping/lollipoping

I’ll give em the boot and keep ya’ll posted

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She’s started yellowing her leaves for those playing at home.

I’ve seen other post about this being the plant “consuming itself”

Is this a sign of nutes needed or is it just part of the final stages of life for the ladies?

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Tad early for her to be eating herself. Id guess week 4-5 of flower? Get her a good flowering booster shot

Looking good, especially with a light that’s a bit undersized. I have some gsc autos going that are in week 10 and Havnt shown signs of yellowing leaves, my bet is that they’re hungry

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