Girl Scout extreme auto first time

Growing one Girl Scout extreme auto flower in a 2x2x4ft tent. Using sensi grow and sensi bloom. For the soil mixture I did about 60% coco and 40% perlite and added two handfuls of foxfarm ocean blend. Germinated seed in paper towel and moved to soil as soon as i saw the root poking through. Shes at 27 days from seed. Let me know what you think. Be nice, it’s my first time with autos🤣


Looks like a health auto id say its gonna be a good size plant when done good job so far.


Heck yeah might want to try to train it in a rectangular fashion to utilize all your space

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Looks great so far! Good job!

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Thank you both @DBLcheeseBGRs @Vtbudz
Any and all advice is welcomed.

Thank you @ConcreteBudz
And to everyone I’ll try to stay up to date with my journey. Hope to hear from you in the future

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Doing well about 4 days since my last post. way quicker than photoperiod. Like I knew it was an autoflower and they quicker but damnnn.

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They fill out too. GSC Autos…

Flower day 17…

Looks nice man. I’m only on day 4 in flower