Girl Scout Cookies with white edge hole

My 10 week Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto flowering plants have holes with white edges on the leaves.
Planted outdoors in purchased coco soil mix. Have not tested for any nutrients, nitrogen, ph, etc.
Can you help?

Hope you can view pictures

It really looks like to me that you have a bug issue. Maybe grasshoppers? They have been known to chomp on marijuana leaves.


There’s definitely bug issues and looks like some kind of varmint or critter. Squirrels or something. Some chunks are too big for a regular insect.


Any idea what I should spray on the plant?

Neem oil (only in veg stage.) Capt. Jack’s Deadbug is popular too and it can be used when in flowering.

I would recommend a bud wash with a dilute mix of hydrogen peroxide if using these products to wash it off after harvest (before drying.)


If none of these are an option you can go to Lowe’s or anywhere like Lowe’s and get an insecticide called “sevin”….in your 2nd picture I can see a bug munching on a leaf clear as day! These holes aren’t too big for any hungry bug IMO you’re lucky to still have that plant! Also consider some shade they look incredibly heat stressed….I grow outdoors and yes I might not be seasoned but that’s clear as day! The white spots should be the lesser of your concerns at this point….still something to handle but after your infestation issue

I wouldn’t put Sevin on a plant you intend to smoke. Sevin is a neurotoxin. It would be better to use a spinosad product such as Capt. Jacks Deadbug, particularly if in flowering.

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Again this is gonna be by preference IMO as I’ve used sevin on vegetables and washed and eaten them the very next day and am just fine :thinking::man_shrugging:t2:….maybe a good wash neutralizes toxins but this goes for our entire family….and it’s not the first year we’ve used Sevin….to each their own, was just throwing in what works for me :v:t2: And yes the wash includes hydrogen peroxide

Fair enough.

Not everyone washes their buds and there are a lot of nooks and crannies for the dust to hide when washing your buds.

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I should add that when we do use Sevin we dilute the ever livin sh!t out of it and only really apply it after a rainfall….other than that we try to steer clear of toxins and everything chemical-y….I have actually just been told about a new product called “Grow Safe” that I WILL be using from now on instead of Sevin….I simply recommend Sevin because it’s immediate and works and I know both are true about it. Also I don’t know what’s available to this person so the generic recs is where I went based on my experience of using them…. :sunglasses::v:t2: