Girl scout cookies size?

Day 49/Day 4 of flower.

After seeing some of the pictures on here, I feel like my babies are a little small…I have 4 girl scout cookie extreme going, 600 watt HID, 4x4 area, good humidity and temps.

Anyone with experience have any thoughts on there size ?

I take it you just went to 12/12? If so you’ll be surprised. Those will double, possibly triple in size over the next few weeks

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Plant height is certainly dependent on strain and genetics, but it can also be dependent on other factors as well. Particularly lighting and training. I have a Durban poison (a pure sativa) that I flipped 3 weeks ago and it is only 24 inches tall, dirt to tips. It is short because I’ve put a whole lot of light on it during its 7 weeks of veg. Supercropping cut some inches off of its total height too, but I attribute most of its shortness to the intense lighting I put on it.

Yours isn’t very far into flower and should add quite a bit of size over the next few weeks.

Okay, that is what I have heard. But I’m a bit obsessive with this stuff. Just trying not to mess anything up🤞 thanks!

Okay, I did have them on 20 hours of light and 4 hours of dark in veg, so maybe that is way they are a little shorter than I have seen on here. Thank you !

I’ve found that it isn’t so much the light cycle as it is how many lights you have and how far they are from the plant.

My Durban poison, for instance, had its own HLG 260 18" from the tips for most of the grow.

My GSC was slow for almost 2 months and holy smokes. She then catapulted into a massive beast.