Girl Scout Cookies Outdoor Grow, how much time left?

First time grower here, I think I may be out several weeks from harvest, just looking for some guidance here or advice. Thanks.

Also have a northern lights plant next to this one, not as full but coming along. That would be the 4th and 5ht pics here.



Yes, you have several weeks left, but looking great. My outdoor plant has been flowering 33 days, and I figure it has at least 4 to 5 weeks.


Looks awesome

Yalls plant’s look good mine are doing ok except for the darn bugs eating at my leafs

I am thanking mid to late October before harvest


@PawPaw2-6 WELCOME…Yeah man you have several weeks to go at least 6 ?..maybe less…But by the look of the size of those plants you’ll have some nice fat buds!!! Make sure you fatten them up with your flower nutes…and don’t forget to support those branches…!!
@Dexterado I would say you are on point!..those look nice and fat too!..Great job guys!!


Good point on the support of the branches, what is the best way to support them? Especially the lower branches that seem to want to hit the ground> I have a couple of very low branches that have nice buds. Thanks

Some use bamboo or wood type “sticks” to support the branches others use netting and so on…

So its been 15 days since my first post and pics, these are from today, based on research on ILGM, my calendar going back to pics from Aug 2, I think I am in week 6 of flowering and looking like they may be ready in 2 weeks at the most. My first time so trying to time it right but not too late, I have no issue being a little early on the harvest. What say you experts?