Girl Scout cookies is it really as good as thay say?


I’m really thinking of getting tge Girl Scouts cookies for my next grow indoors!! I’m just waiting some advice on people who have done this strain before is it really as good as thay say??


i liked it very well @Caosred,stinkyest,stickest gal in my tent.


So its definitely worth my while?


I was impressed enough that it’s one of my three young’uns.


@Caosred depends on what your criteria for what’s worth your while…potency? Quite potent :grin:from personal experience…yield? That idk :neutral_face:


@Caosred what questions do you have about this particular strain? I have some answers from a first time grow experience. I will say the stretch was at least 200% from when I flipped the light schedule. It was easy to grow. I will say it loves it’s nitrogen even in flowering, and requires more water than the other strains of the same size, and you can’t give her enough light. My best yield was 109 grams wet, 21 grams dried. My least was 70 grams wet. First grow I’ll do better next time. Respectfully. When using a vaporizer I tasted sweet, earthy, with a hint of peppermint finish. Seriously like a thin mint. You can check it out from start to finish in my grow journal. I’ll tag you so you can find it.


Thanks :pray: everyone well that’s it for me getting them!!! And cheers buddy this will be my 1st indoor grow for while so need a good :blush: one this is it


Don’t forget to tag me in your grow when you start one. I love following along! @Caosred


Me too @Caosred


You all convinced me Girl Scout cookies on my next purchase list lmfao
Are you all sales man for the seed bank hahahaha
@BIGE @Myfriendis410 @Screwauger @Skylives07


Can anyone tell me what the shelf life is from ILGM seeds? I want to order more seeds but ordering in groups of 5 leaves me with more seeds than room to grow them and I hate to have seeds go bad on me from keeping them too long. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks, @Jitters


Years if keeped in Cool dry place @Jitters
You can even put them in fridge if you seal them good I would use a vacuum sealer myself but a good airtight jar will suffice as well
I have seeds that are several years old that I’ve germinated and grown I store mine in a tin in my basement
Just keep them dry and out of direct light :+1:


I forgot who it was that posted some bud porn GSCX and I ended up with a lighter wallet haha.


Hahahaha @Myfriendis410


Will do man!! Hay this is totally off subject! But i keep getting messages from the head people at ilgm warning me of a post i put up when i 1st got on here didn’t know tge rules!! I used two sware words not to anyone just venting because snails :snail: eating my plants :seedling:! But apparently I’m offended people are we adults on here or lil kids??


@Caosred we are adults, but those are the rules. To make the warning go away, I would just edit your post. Then it’ll go away. Hope this helps. Happy growing! (With out :snail:)


Lol cheers :beers: yes I’m trying to do that now


@Countryboyjvd1971, thanks for the info brother, I feel a lot better now about my desire to buy one of each flavor , LOL.


@Countryboyjvd1971, thanks for the info brother. I feel a lot better now about my Christmas list of seeds I want to purchase. I have a nice cool partial basement I can store them!! Thanks again, @Jitters


Can I ask a question. What is the difference between GSC and GSC Extreme. Some parts of the site shows that GSC/GSC Extreme is a low yielding genetics and some show it as being quite high yielding can I get an answer from ILGM on which it is? Thank you. I would put this on my own post but I can’t seem to post a new topic as can’t find the button. Thanks.