Girl scout cookies growing in soil

been having no success with my GSC cookie seeds. They all start to germinate but once I put them in the soil they just dont grow or its very slow , 6 seeds and not 1 has popped out out the soil… are these beans slow?


Given your previous post on gnats, I would assume that it is due to overwatering. Do you have photos of the plant(s) you are referring to as they decline?


the gnats started after i got the humidifier . The 2 i have under the soil for a week now have not poked out the little bit of soil they are under yet, i see some green under there but it seems way to slow!. I only use a spray bottle. but i keep it moist because its organic… will lowering the humidity now kill them?

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I cant say it is at all the same problem, but I had 2 rounds of seedlings die out when I first began. I changed absolutely everything but my soil mixture. new lights, humidifiers, fabric pots, water cycle. turned out to be my soil mixture. I changed that to FFOF and boom! Anyways that may be totally unrelated. have you grown in this particular soil mixture before? Best of luck hope you get it figured out.

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Get some fox farm happy frog soil, and solo cups. Moisten the soil, and fill the solo cup. Plant the seed directly into the soil (not very deep), spray a little water on it to settle the seed, and stick a baggie over the top to make a little greenhouse. Keep it warm, and it should break ground in about 3 or 4 days. Stick it under your light on low power, and don’t water until dry. Works every time.


My first grow here was with ILGM GSCA and they were outstanding!!

Do you some your seedlings? It could be the overwatering issue @MidwestGuy mentioned. It happens all too frequently.

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Seed emergence is a challenge!

I pre-moisten the soil. Then I plant the popped seeds 1/4" below surface. I do not water for a week even after they emerge.

Watering during early planting and even early seedling can dislodge the seed and subsequent contact with soil.

Good luck you’ll get it!


im using organic soil and from what i understand i have to keep it moist… just a couple of sprays when its dry… the soil tends to dry out fast since its a closet with a heater.


Well that is different then what I had expected.

I had a friend who had to switch soils from a highly drainable soil and instead put in solo cups with Ocean
Forest and then transplant to final organic loose stickly soil later.

Good luck hopefully others will chime in. I’ll tag a few…

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Ditch the spray bottle, it does you more harm than good.

Thoroughly water your soil before planting the seed, and only plant it 1/4” deep at most. Put a clear solo cup over the seed. When your soil is starting to dry out, water the solo cup (pour water on the cup while it’s still over your seed) so the water can moisten the soil without getting your seed or seedling soggy and killing it. The solo cup acts as a humidity dome, it will trap moisture in with your seed.

every couple of days, rinse out the inside of the cup and put it back. You’re doing that to put moisture back into the dome without drowning your seed.

Spray bottles are my biggest “no” for new growers. You will kill your seedling via overwatering if you do that. Once you get the hang of things you can use it again, but right now? Just skip it.


Great idea on watering on top of the solo cup. I never would have thought of that. Definitely stealing that one!


Very sound advise @Graysin. Listen and learn. Thats what i do when the Gray speaks!!!


@THCMaker44 i did a little reading and do understand your issue. I just put 4 beans in the soil tonight in a pre-moist solo cup hf potting soil from there to forever pot. Do not water after dropping and the 1st initial watering in. I only water the very outer edges when i do after a few days. You can also stick your solo cups in a tray with a little water in it so they can suck it up to keep the bottom moist without having to water the top. My point is you want them roots to go and search for water. When a fan is added it will make the plant put out stronger roots for stability… This is just my opinion but water means death to a new seedling :seedling: On the 14th day in solo cups I transplant them to there forever pot that has been moistened I treat them the same way until their roots get big enough and then they finally get some good water. Hope it helps :pray:


Both of my GSCE popped and are looking good. One is noticeably faster then her sister. But time will tell. Heres a few pics.


I’m cooking Earth Dust base in these now