Girl Scout cookies extreme round 2!


I grew the Girl Scout cookie extreme last time under a Fluence Spyder 2P high end commercial LED. This time I’m doing the same and doing a comparison. My buddy is doing my two best phenos under a 1,000 w HPS and I’m doing my two worst phenos under the 645w LED. I also have a laboratory spec room that controls all environmental and CO2 conditions. He has a closet in his house w a tiny heater. Otherwise just regular house conditions. We have the exact same nutes. The contest is will big budget “latest and greatest” with small producing genes beat out old school low budget with high energy output and big production genes. Let the games begin!! To skip boredom I am not including the baby steps. We join in situ at day 21 of bloom with equal veg times for all…

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?
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What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

Team ‘PO Boy!


Team Fancy pants:
Note: the pics are a few days behind here AND I’m doing Black Dogs’s recommended extreme defoliation at day 1 and day 18 of bloom. This allows greater penetration that LEDs in particular need. I believe it stunts for a few days as the basic plants do look semi ahead. I’m still confident I can pull off a victory in both THC content AND overall weight! Stay tuned!


Fantastic. This is what I’m looking for, since @dbrn32 has got me thinking about investing in some fluence lighting.


Following for sure!!

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Yeah me 2, cant wait to see this one!

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Very cool !

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The only things I would have suggested is running something like coco or Promix, and using clones from one mother. Variations within phenotype can be totally different plants.


Why do you put them in a scrub screen if you’re not going to tie Em down

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I used it to spread them MASSIVELY they didn’t just grow through at will. That’s a 4 X 4 screen. It was soooo Hard to get 2 plants to mostly fill it. They were tied down and spread to farther squares over and over again. But after fillling I don’t tie anymore. Last time I got 2.5lbs+ out of it doing that so It is effective.

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All are in the same “dirt” which is a mixture of promix and some 707 roots. You’re right, it would’ve been fairer with identical clones. But I took the lesser producers. His both did 8-10oz in the tech room last time each. Mine did 7.5 and 4 respectively. So I’m trying to see if enhanced methods and more investment can overcome genetics and raw wattage. The other reason being my lesser producers had more crystals and potency. Game on. My prediction is 1.8lbs for me vs 1.4 for him.


Current state of the plants with every advantage. So far though… the heavier genetics under the heavier wall draw wattage look ahead. I still have faith!


There’s a long way to go. Plenty of time to catch up.

Are you supplementing the 2p with CO2?

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Oh yeah. We got 1175 and climbing to peak at 1450 through wk 6. Then slow climb down to 400 through the week 9 flush.


Can you detail your CO2 setup?
I’m looking for info/ideas.
I haven’t used it yet, but plan to.


I use a regular tank w a regulator. Think it’s a 20lb. That setup plugs into a spartan controller. One of their top shelf ones that does heat, humidity, fan, CO2, and had auto night detection. I do about 600ppm most of veg. Maybe kick to 800 last 2 weeks. Then climb to 1450 by week 5 of bloom and climb back down again. Last two weeks at 400 max.


Fresh images from simple setup (sunny yellow) and high tech (natural hue)
If I forgot to mention the sunny went 12/12 on the 11th last month and the high techs went on the 14th, so they’re under a few days.


The Saturn 6 looks pretty sweet. I may have to sell one kidney to Titan controls and the other to Fluence.


Very nice. I’d still tie some branches down some to spread the colas out

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It was like $449 for the spartan complete. The fluence was like $1400. Speedy, for sure :confused:

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