Girl Scout cookies extreme not budding very much

Having a problem with my grow every time I grow auto flowers they just grow a little popcorn size nuggets I don’t get anything decent someone said it was the light but I have two viper spectra 600s reflector series full spectrum 12 band also have a viper spectra ProSeries 600 watt Everything about the grow should be OK I’m not doing anything wrong they’re just not budding I use Foxfarm nutrients the full line grow in cocoa core does anybody know what might be wrong not sure if it’s the light or not

Sounds like you need more red light in your grow would be my guess


Thanks For your reply

How far are your lights away those aren’t 400 and 600 watt lights the probably 200 range and insufficient light can cause airy un appealing buds

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According to the manufacturer’s website, this light is only pulling 95W. With two, you have less than 200W.

What size growing space? How many plants?

As you can see, this is good for maybe one plant.


As others mentioned, get a better light for your flowering stage.

Best of luck with future growing success!

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