Girl scout cookies extreme grow

Pulling the trigger on my first grow, will post a few updates now and again. Will post regularly on Bergmans Lab VIP forums, so if you’re not a member already I highly recommend it. DEFINITELY worth it


@stratos934 we all will look forward to your updates! Glad you joined the forum and welcome! We are here to help, if you need it, and want you to be successful even if it’s just a bag seed. Happy growing.


Welcome my friend! Lots of good friendly growers here.

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Welcome! I’ve got three GSC clones in SCRoG right now. Good luck and I’ll be following along.

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Day eight:

All 4 germinated, but only 3 of 4 have pushed through the soil. Here they are as of last evening.

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Day sixteen, growth is really exploding now.


looks good)

You guys should see them now. I don’t update this one as much as I do the bergmans lab forum grow journal, but holy crap are they huge bow! I’m almost out of week 3 of flowering