Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower discussion

This is my first grow where I was able to pick the strain ahead of time.
I chose Girl Scout Cookies Extreme autoflower.
I planted both of these plants on the same day. They both sprouted on May 22nd.
Today is day 43 from sprouting.

I’ve watered them the same and applied LST to both.
Also, I rotate them or swap places between the two so they get the same amount of light.
I don’t understand why one stretched so tall and the other didn’t.
Any ideas?


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Can autos have irregularities in plant height depending on the seed? Or is this unusual? The shorter plant seems to be the denser/healthier of the two.


I think so. I’m growing 6 Zkittlez photos from seed and all 6 are different. I would think autos would be the same


@Beck Thanks, good to know I’m not tripping lol.


It’s crazy, but it’s real :crazy_face:


Yup. Same mon/same dad, different… genotypes (formerly known as phenotypes).

Genetics express themselvws differently between siblings, different environments, etc etc. can totally have a 2 ft wwa and a 5 footer from the same batch of seeds


I can only think of two things, the soil and or just plain genetics.

If every seed that was created grew to the fullest extent of a plants capabilities the planet would be over run with forestation. Think about a seeded Marijuana plant for a moment…drops hundreds of seeds maybe even thousands in some cases. If each was a guaranteed 10 footer there wouldnt be enough nutrients or space to feed them all where they fell.


Yes I have 3 plants all the same strain as each other and all 3 are different heights etc

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@TroubleMan I’m just now finishing up 4 GSC Autos and 1 was super tall so I topped her, 1 was so short I had to put blocks under her to get her enough canopy light and the other 2 were twinsyes lol. My shorty is by far the best of the bunch.


@Fieldofdreams @PurpNGold74 @Docnraq Thanks for the info. My shorter plant def seems like it’ll have the densest buds.

I’m using Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixed with Natures Living Soil for autoflowers. I gave a 1/4 dose of veg nutrients once at the beginning before I remembered I didn’t need to with living soil.

So for the past 20 days I’ve been giving (water only) at PH 6.3-6.8 every 2-3 days or when soil feels dry to my 1st-2nd knuckle or when they’re light to pick up. I have a soil moisture/ph meter arriving today that should help with soil ph stuff.

Since I only gave liquid nutrients once (a while back) should I worry about a PPM meter for water runoff?


I would, I mean how else will you tell if there are enough nutes being produced by your living soil.
Plus you mixed it with OF.


@Docnraq Thank you

@Docnraq @PurpNGold74
I take it FF OF isn’t recommended for autos?
For my other three seeds I was thinking of using Gaia Green living soil and top dress nutes. And using natures living soil for autos to make compost tea.
What brand(s) would you recommend as a good potting soil or mix?

Just the opposite, its great for autoflowers. Its not great for seedlings though so alot of people use Happy Frog for the seedlings. Myself, think Ive only had one seedling respond poorly to OF. I use both OF and SF plus trio (both liquid and solid)

OF is chock full of salt nutes. This can be bad for the rhizosphere in living soil. By that I mean it weakens the “herd” of micro life sustaining the function of the living soil. A simple myco/compost tea will help to revitalize and replenish the bennificial microbes. I dont know alot about organic growing but you will be able to find plenty that do here.

I wouldnt worry too much about having given it the nutes, and although not greatest for rhizosphere its also not gonna wipe it out.
Side note- sugars help feed the bennificial microbes, alot of organic growers use unsulphered molasses to feed the soil with. I dont know anyone who grows organic on the boards, but I know there are some.

Easier to answer with what isnt good…Miracle Grow.


Plants look great not unusual for plants To vary a little. Having TDS meter to check your PPM run off would be good. Also will help To measure feed more precise. Good luck

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MG gets such a bad rap is not fair. It starts hot like FF and if you monitor it you can produce ridiculous bud with it. I won BOM with it and @Dennis62 has a closet full of phatties to name 2 growers with great success. Like FF with seedlings-you have to pay attention lol.


Thanks for your help

GSC was my first grow. Loved the earthy mint smell.

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I want to do Banana Kush auto next. Anyone have any experience with Banana Kush autos?