Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


Here’s one of the CW taken today. Probably another week or so for this one.


Looking great my friend


Thank You @Hogmaster I have a small bud drying now that I can’t wait to try.


I’m excited to get your feedback


Your chronic Widow still looks pretty young , at least the pistols do anyway…
Plants are looking beautiful though my man… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@ntmaremach, that bud looks freakin awesome… You do some great grows!


Yeah the chronic window looks different even when it’s ready it still looks like it needs more time but then everything gets amber up so fast but regardless it’s going to be good


I’m planning on another 7-10 days for the CW and won’t harvest until the amber shows up.The GSCE should be right behind her.


@ntmaremach I think you got a great Bud Of the Month contender there. Awesome looking BUDS


I agree my friend I will not be entering on that one lol :joy: you done a wonderful job very proud of that you made such a beautiful flower great patience earners great flowers happy Growing :pig2:


I can’t wait to hear about how it is


I’ll be sure to let you know. @Hogmaster @MAXHeadRoom Thanks I’ll be taking some more pictures soon and maybe a better one in those, You can see things are getting crowded in the flowering room. The four I have on the ebb and flow are getting much bigger than I thought they would. They are all at least as tall as the CW and are catching up with the GSCE. I thought all four were GSCE but the one from seed is CW. You can tell right away because the GSCE starts with the red hairs and the CW is white.


The veg plants which are all Gold Leaf. The plant in soil is a clone from the larger GL.


How many beans do you have in this pic?


@Onlythebest79 The two in the five gallon pots are Gold leaf from seed. The smaller one in soil is a top from the larger GL. I’ll be topping the larger one again to keep the height down a little.


You’re going to have a huge harvest!


@peachfuzz yesterday I changed things in the flower room so I thought I’d take a look at the hoses. This is what I removed from the four fittings. Thanks again for the heads up.


I wonder if there’s a way to come up with a screen or a net or maybe even a sponge to put over the inlet and Outlet holes to stop that from happening… :thinking: I just barely am about ready to start running all my rdwc systems that I have made and hopefully I don’t run into those issues … I’ve tried to do my best at keeping the roots away and keeping the flow very slow so I’ll let you know how it goes when I get things completely set up… but I’m glad you were able to catch that before it became a problem , because you do some beautiful grows and you have some beautiful plants… :wink:

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Thanks,I’m not sure if putting some type of screen over the fitting will cause another problem with the roots getting tangled into the screen making it harder to clean out. I have some extra outer buckets right now so I can just take a plant out of it’s bucket and put it into one that I’m not using allowing me to take the other one apart to clean it out. I will be looking at these again in a couple of weeks. I will be picking up some of this screening used for pond pumps and it doesn’t cost much if it doesn’t work out.


Day 60 today of bloom and I harvested the GSCE. The CW has a day or so left then I’ll harvest that one and this hydro system is retired. The stock was just about 3" in dia at the base and will be added to my collection outside.

Probably about 2-3 ounces of dry weight here.