Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


Today I setup my other EBB and flow system. This one goes to the flowering room. I had to get four of the GSCE plants out of the veg. room as they were getting crowded in there. Three of these are clones from the mother plant that’s also in the room. The other GSCE is from seed so I’ll have plenty of GSCE on hand. The other two I have in the veg. room are Gold Leaf from seed. I’ll try to let these get a little bigger before putting them into the flowering room. It’ll still be three weeks or so for the GSCE and CW are ready for harvest. Here’s are some pictures of what’s going on.
GSCE on the right and CW on the left.

The four plants I added today.

Two Gold Leaf from seed that I’ll let get a bit bigger before putting in the flowering room. Probably in three weeks or so. Tomorrow I’ll be separating them from each other.


Took another small sample from the GSCE at day 48 of bloom. She still has a few more weeks but it doesn’t hurt to sample early.


Looks amazing man


That is some tasty looking bud!


Day 53 of bloom and it’s getting close to harvest. Still have a couple of weeks and I’ll be taking samples in another week for a better look and pictures. Once these two are harvested I’ll be adding the two in veg. to the flower room. I’d like to keep 6 in flower at all times.
Here are the four at day 2 of bloom and they are asking for more room which they’ll get soon.

Chronic Widow


Twin Tops GSCE


Gorgeous, just plain gorgeous



When’s the party and may I join you?


Here are my Gold Leaf plants just waiting to get into the flowering room once there’s room. The small one is a clone from the bigger GL and it looks like a winner.


@Tonyb @Onlythebest79 Thanks, I can’t wait to try the final product. I’m always up for company and free samples to give away. I haven’t had one complaint yet.


Shit where you at I’m on the way and if you near Vegas I’ll be out that way the last weekend in July 28-29-30


North Central Ma. is the location so if you’re in the North East stop in.


Ohh you’re in ma? So am I >:]. Might need to take you up on these samples lol.


should plan on a meet up for sure.


Def. Maybe once I get a harvest so we can exchange samples xD


My hats off to you, Sir!


Put the CW into flush today. It’ll be flushing for at least 10 days and will be watching the trichomes very closely. I’ll be putting the GSCE into flush in a couple of days.


One more of the CW


Dude,that’s just gorgeous :heart_eyes:


@ntmaremach dude you are going to really enjoy the medicine from the chronic widow looks like you had a very healthy happy grow congratulations my friend not much longer


Today I put the GSCE into flush and it won’t be long now before the harvest. The whole plant is full of bud that are a red color I love it.
Here’s a picture from today.