Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


One of the GSCE


It’s early still but I had to cut off a small branch to get a better look. She’s coming along nicely.


Day 35 of bloom for the girls. I pulled the CW out today to take a couple pictures. I’m reading this strain has a 65 day of flowering on average. Does anyone know the least amount of flowering days they experienced with this strain. If everything goes according to the schedule then I’ll be harvesting at about 55 days and that’s with a week of flushing. I also started counting the flowering time after being on 12 hrs for just a few days. Once I started seeing the hairs I started counting. If I waited a week or two to start counting then I’d only be on day 25 or so of bloom. I do believe that if you do Hydroponics and keep everything in check you’ll have a shorter harvest time. @Hogmaster how’s your CW doing?


Another CW


So hawt :heart_eyes:


Can you smell it from there?


I can tell you right now that you have so many young pistols … there’s no way you’re ready to harvest … you have a ways to go even if you think that they’re huge already… they may grow to the size of your head or a basketball … that doesn’t mean that they’re ready to harvest… you got to base it off of the plant itself and by the looks of what I can see right now , your pistols are very very young … you still have a ways to go… 4 to 6 weeks maybe… hard to say … you’re the only one with the loop that can see what’s really going on… lol :wink:

Beautiful grow though… :wink:
Right now you are doing everything that you can that is right … I would keep doing it and push them babies until they’re ready to go , because right now they are young , young , young …but you have beautiful thick bushes … plants look good… good job… :wink:
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Thanks, @peachfuzz I know I’ll be waiting at least another 3-4 weeks to harvest. I’ll be keeping a closer look in a couple of weeks. I have plenty of stock and so there’s no rushing this. lol I’ll be harvesting at about 10-15% amber. I just got done attaching some Yoyo’s to pull down on the CW as it’s so strong and I need to open it a little. On the other hand the GSCE had Yoyo’s to help hold the branches up.


Here’s some updated pictures of the girls in the veg. room on the EBB and flow system. I really don’t have to do much to this system. The two on the left are Gold Leaf from seed and the others are GSCE, one seed three clones. I’ll be topping the GL soon.

I haven’t killed the two I put into soil yet. One is a GSCE clone the other is Gold Leaf from seed. These both almost got thrown out because they were small and didn’t look good. I may try putting these outside.
GSCE clone

Gold Leaf seed


Wow your gonna be busy​:sunglasses::+1:


The only problem that I’ve seen with the ebb and flow that’s in your veg room is you really have to keep an eye on the hoses that bring water in and out , because apparently they tend to clog up when they send the water back to the main reservoir with roots , which can wreak havoc on your plants when they’re not getting enough nutrients or the flow is blocked in a way that they’re not able to get all the water in or all the water out , that I’ve seen on other systems that are identical to yours that friends have been using that have had those problems and it tends to be in the beginning of flower when the roots really start taking off that they notice that there’s a problem and they always thinks it’s a pH problem but it ended up being the fact that the roots were plugging the inlet and Outlet holes on the system … if that makes any sense…
Just something to keep an eye on…
That’s what’s so great about the systems that you made yourself… your systems out of the totes look pretty bullet proof… :wink:

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@peachfuzz Thanks for the warning, I’ll be watching the hoses closely. That actually did happen to my other system. It feeds through a 1/2" hose and the feed line became blocked with roots because I backed off on how much the pump would pump causing the roots to backup. I had to use a drill bit to ream it out by hand. I turned the pumps up to full and never had that problem again. The roots do grow into the hose a little but it doesn’t block it completely. Once these plants on the ebb system go into the flowering room I’ll be putting in new hoses as there will be more room for separation of the plants. This is what the fittings look like that’s on the bottom bucket. You can lift the plant with the pot out of the lower bucket to see if the roots have worked it’s way into the hoses. I can’t do that with my tote system. I’ll be building a bigger veg. room once I get the time.

Here’s what the other system looks like after a harvest and it’s a 3/8" feeding tube… I already cleared away some of the roots. I guess roots are just going to be a thing to deal with in Hydro systems.


That’s exactly what I was warning of… lol :wink:
As long as your on top of things… :wink:

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@peachfuzz I guess I’m not on top of things. My GSCE looked terrible this morning and found that the roots were backing into the piece shown above restricting the nutes to nothing. I had to ream it with the drill bit again. If I was planning on keeping this system going I was going to 5 gal. totes which are a gallon or so larger than what the GSCE is in now allowing more room for the roots. I’ll have to keep a closer look now and make sure the nutes are making it into the plant. With the ebb and flow I can always lift the plant out of the bottom bucket where I can inspect and clean the screen where I can’t do that on the setup I have now.


Aquarium filter material will help as a filter. :sunglasses:


I was thinking of a screen or something. Thanks for the idea, I’m heading by a pet store shortly.


Day 41 of bloom and the CW is looking great. I had some problems with the GSCE which was my fault for not seeing the problem starting. At one point the GSCE was drinking almost two gals. a day. Then it started slowing down and that’s when I should of taken a close look at what was happening. My fill hose got blocked with roots causing the flow at feeding to almost stop. My fan leave started turning yellow and falling off. Now I notice somethings wrong and pulled the pump and hose off the tubing and found the roots. I used a drill bit to clean out the screen shown in a picture above and now she’s back to drinking again but the damage has been done. I’ve lost a lot of leaves but I still believe there’s a good harvest to be had. Here are some pictures I took today and I’m loving the colors of the GSCE. I’m still able to get the plant outside the room for pictures and make sure the tube is still clear.


Damage…? Those buds look dank still xD! I’m sure in the last monthish they have left they will recover n start looking even better!


Great pictures


Thanks, @Tonyb @Hogmaster If I said I picked up or pulled off at least 200-300 leaves I wouldn’t be exaggerating. The plant still looks amazing though. Today I put the plant on Late Bloom so there’s still three weeks before I harvest this plant and that’s if everything goes according to the schedule and the trichomes look done.