Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


Day 19 CW


They are looking great! @ntmaremach


Wow they look great, healthy:smile:


How are you liking the smell of that chronic widow

mines getting close


Thanks Bob


Your girls are looking awesome. I run two filters in the room for the smell that’s running all the time so when the door is closed you don’t smell a thing. But if I take the plants out of the room for a short time you can smell them I also get a blast of a strong smell when the lights go out which also shuts off the fans that cool the lights. Don’t know why because the two filters are still running. After a short time you can’t smell them anymore. I still have about five or six weeks to go to harvest so the smell will only increase.


Day 23 of Bloom and I added some Cal-Mag to the mix because I was seeing some yellowing in the leaves. Adding the cal-mag caused the PPM’s to rise higher than I want so I have a little burn on the tips. The Chronic Widow’s average bloom time is 65 days and I don’t think I’ll reach that. These tops are getting really huge and the smell is strong. Here some picture’s taken today.


Day 25 of Bloom and I’m changing the nutes to the second week of Mid Bloom for both plants. The GSCE looks and smells so good and is strong enough for me to move her around without any problems. You can say that she like’s posing for pictures. Here’s some of the GSCE taken today. Notice the stock which is at least 2" now in dia.


@ntmaremach… You have some kick ass grows my friend, way to go!.. I’m waiting on my GSCE to be mailed to me… Will be growing those in the future


Monster plants man… great job


Thanks @Zombo @jasong the GSCE is a monster for sure. I’m hoping for a pound and a half and that could be on the light side. Zombo, good luck with your future grow.


Jesus… How wide is that have?


The plant is three ft. tall and four ft. in dia. And don’t call me Jesus


@ntmaremach can I call you the weed jesus? Because you might just be the Messiah.


@Tonyb for some strange reason people call me Walter White. I reply to them that I prefer to be called Heisenberg


Lol. Fair enough


I thought I’d share a picture of my babies in the grow room. I’ll probably be building a larger room for this also once I have time. The two on the left are Gold Leaf grown from seed. The two in the middle are GSCE clones I took from the Mother in the flowering room now. The right front is another GSCE clone and the back is a GSCE from seed. The two small in soil are GSCE clone in front that I almost lost but was able to bring her back. The small one is another Gold Leaf from seed.


You’re really going to enjoy that chronic window it is by far my favorite so far


Today is day 33 of bloom and I think these will be done early. The CW is so dense I have a hard time trying to open the plant to inspect. I did changes in the veg. stage which caused the CW to grow differently than the GSCE. Each top looks like a torch which are loaded with buds. I can’t wait to try these in about a month or so.


Another of the CW