Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


Yeah my bottom stock going into the dirt is about the size of a 50 Cent peace it’s growing like no other plant I’ve had


Day 5 of Flowering Here are a couple of the GSCE. The size of this plant is the biggest I’ve grown yet. My last harvest gave me 18 oz. of dry weight. I’m hoping for more from this one.


Day 10 of Bloom and here are a few of the CW. She is strong and beautiful and very happy.

Here’s a picture of a roach clip that was made for me back in the mid. 70’s. The person who made it was born in 1888 and was a great old guy we called Pop’s. He was the Grand Father of a friend of mine. My friend asked him if he would make this clip for me from an owl made of wood with red eyes. Without batting an eye he had it made in just minutes and we tried it out within minutes of that. He asked my friend what it was for and he told him it was for holding little hot things as we both laughed. I still use that clip and thank Pop’s for making i for me all the time. The mirror you see in the back ground was made using very old cigar boxes. The person who made this was the Grand Father’s Uncle so I’d say he was probably born around 1868 or so. I have some work to repair some pieces that fell off from the years. Just thought I’d share this with you all. I can’t imagine how long it took to make it.


The grow is going very well @ntmaremach ! Love the roach clip. That’s a piece of history, really. Thanks for sharing. Imagine you have your own personal connection to 1868!


@bob31 thanks, I wish I knew more about the person who made the mirror but being a kid at the time I never asked. He also had made three boxes. There was a small, medium and large one. I received the larger box and like the mirror still have it. I use to hide my stash in it back in the day. When you remove the cover it had a square compartment inside. If you tried to count all the notches he carved into the mirror you would go nuts, believe me I tried.


Here’s the GSCE at day 10. She’s getting big at 36" tall and close to 48" in dia.


That’s a big tree😍 do you ever defoliate your plants?


that is full bush!


Thanks, I don’t defoliate unless I have too. I usually just spend the time and try to tuck the big fan leaves out of the way of the buds. I’ve only completed four grows and my first was a true learning experience. I topped the plant and tried keeping it low by super cropping it. I did a great job at keeping it low but I put it into bloom to early. It only got to 13" in height but was thick as a shrub. I had to thin out the leaves on this plant so the buds would get some light. I ended with 10 oz, of dry weight and had to have two harvest which was a three week difference in harvests.


Thanks @BIGE it sure is. I’m hoping for 24 oz. of dry weight from this one. I’m seeing all the buds are becoming purple. I sure hope this is normal for this strain as it sure looks beautiful. I’m loving these ILGM seeds so far.


I had to change the nutes in both plants to the next step so some pictures at day 12 of bloom.


Here’s the CW and I’ve put in some Yoyo’s to help open this plant up a little.

I installed some 1/2" pvc pipe to hang some yoyo’s from to help open up this plant. The branches are so thick on this plant that it’s hard to open up.


Drools, salivating Indica. Admiring with major jealousy. Everybody should be doing it like this. If there ever was a law against being uneducated as to how to do 1lb dried, I would be the first to be arrested! Good Job. BTW nice room build as well.


I opened mine CW today too


Thanks, being retired I have all the time needed to monitor everything so they grow huge. I only topped the CW once and did the GSCE about eight times. I built this room hoping to get six plants into it at one time. I’d only be able to get three of the GSCE size plants into it and the room is 10X5 inside dimensions. I always thought my thumb was a little green but I never expected this. lol Once these plants are harvested I’m be moving my new EBB and flow system into it. I won’t be dealing with all the individual reservoirs. Here’a a picture of that setup taken today. They’re all GSCE and three are clones I took from the mother and the smallest I started from seed. I’ll be topping the large one probably later today. I need to try and keep these in veg. until the other two are done.


Nice setup @ntmaremach what would a setup like that cost? Curious…


@bob31 this setup cost me about $350 with a $150 coupon from my local hydro store. If you spend $1000 you get a $150 coupon. I was due for the coupon so I jumped on the setup. These are 5 gals square pots and come with six of them. A 55 gals barrel which you really don’t need if you have a large tote you can use as a reservoir. And the 6 gals pumping station. I’ll be getting another setup just like this one so I’ll have a setup running on veg. nutes and the other in bloom nutes. You can get away with one setup if you don’t mind waiting until harvest to start another grow. I want to have both going at the same time. My friends and family are counting on me. lol


Yeah I hear ya. I don’t really have the room inside the house for that setup but I might do something on a smaller scale someday.

Really looks great!

The $ savings is motivation enough for me. Right now I’m only growing for my wife and I. Though I’d be happy to share with more in the future once I get my grows on a schedule.


Day 18 of Bloom and both are doing great. The buds are filling in nicely. The GSCE is massive and I’m getting 1 3/4" or so at the base of the stock. I’ll be pulling these out of the room tomorrow to change the nutes to the next stage. I’ll get some better pictures then.



Day 19 GSCE