Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


Dang @ntmaremach, your new to this and getting yields like that? That’s great brother… I’m starting for the first time ever using soil… You must be doing something right for sure. This hobby is expensive though, a little stuff here, little stuff here… I hope my grow is as successful as what you been doing. Most likely less yield as I’m in soil but it’s definitely daunting all the info I have been reading…now with higher temperatures coming, gonna start thinking about climate control, have some small fans that will do for now… Good luck


Thanks again, I’m now retired and a friend showed me how he grew and I just couldn’t see paying for it anymore so here I am. I have the time needed to keep the nutrients and ph where the plant feeds and likes the best. I noticed that even though I started these plants at the same time and feed them the same amounts of nutrients the Chronic Widow seems to like a lower PPM reading than the Girl Scout cookies Extreme. So I guess the trick is to have plenty of time to hang around with your girls. I even have a name for my man cave. I’ll bet when this was a lounge you could probably smoke there.


@ntmaremach, I agree, let me know how those strains smoke… Everyone seems to like the gsc strain… I am growing 2 Northern Light feminized plants… Seeds were from another vendor. I did just recently receive some white widow and ak47 from ILGM, got to learn first and hone my skills or lack thereof, I will see here soon enough


Day 48 of Veg. and everything is looking great. I like to change the position of the plants every four days or so giving them a different angle of light.I can’t wait to start these into flowering but I must be patient. The stock of these plants are both at least 5/8" in diameter.
Here’s the GSCE


Here’s the Chronic Widow at day 48 of veg. It measures about 20" in height and about 30" wide. You can notice a slight nutrient burn on some of the tips. I thought I was keeping the PPM level low enough but I guess not enough. I lowered it a couple days ago and they haven’t gotten worst and may even look a little better.


Hi ntmaremach, awesome looking plants and set up. What a great job! I look forward to following your grow… :v::sunglasses:


We have twins

chronic widow


Love it;.lol


I changed things again. I was out today and found some black totes that will work perfectly with the new 5 gal. totes. I couldn’t find any black 5 gals totes that would fit so I just put some black Gorilla tape on it for now. I now have it sealed from the light pretty well. I used some folded over tape to keep the light out when I put the halves together. I’ll be putting a GSCE clone into the new system tomorrow. .


I decided to put the girls on 12 Hrs today. I would of liked to get them bigger but the time needed isn’t there for me. I also put one of the clones into the new system with the 5 gal. tote and will put another one together tomorrow. Hope to start seeing some hairs soon.


Here’s a GSCE clone I took from Mom in the flowering room now. I took about 7 tops from her and I picked this one to start. These clones were taken from the top of the plant as to why so many fingers on each leaf. They all seems to have 8 or 9 and she’s grown quite a bit since I took it from Mom. I have this in a 5 gal. tote and should turn out like Mom.

Here’s a picture of Mom this morning. Had to change the water and nutrients again, been having some problems and hopefully have it corrected now;


Both plants seem to be doing good. Here’s some pictures of the GSCE at day 3 of flowering. I started counting when I started seeing some white hairs come out. This plant is huge at about 48" in dia. and about 28" tall.


Here’s the Chronic Widow. She measures at about 30" dia. and about 23" tall. I think this plant could withstand winds of 100 mph.
CW Day 3


Yesterday I went out and bought a EBB and Flow system. I like the results I’m getting with this setup I’m using now but when I start thinking about 6 plants in the flowering room I just can’t be dealing with individual reservoirs so hopefully this will be much easier. I’ll be building another room for the growing stage as the current one is to small. Here’s a few pictures of the setup so far.


sweet! how much did that system set you back @ntmaremach?


Thanks @BIGE The kit came with 6 pots but I’m only using 4 right now. This cost me about $350 for everything but that included a $150 discount the store gave me for being a good customer. I didn’t have to get the 55 gal barrel but it will give me room to expand.


Looking great my friend I can’t wait to see the difference tween the hydroponic you’re doing in the soil that I am doing on the chronic window


Thanks, The Chronic Widow started veg. with a 250 hps light and once I built the new flowering room both plants went there. Now they were under a 600 watt hps light for the rest of veg. cycle. The Girl Scout Cookies Extreme shot up nicely but the Chronic Widow didn’t want to do the same and just started packing in the new growth. It had gone up in height but i’m not sure how this will come out once the buds start getting bigger. It should be interesting to see though. Looking forward to seeing more of yours later on.
Not a great picture of the CW

You can see the difference with the GSCE


I just put mine into flower about a week ago


@Hogmaster, looks like we’re at the same time frame. Good Luck to You.
Day 5 of Flowering Today’s the day to change my nutes to early bloom from transition nutes on both plants. Today makes day 8 of being on 12 hours. I took some pictures of the CW showing how dense the growth is on each branch. I prefer taller growth between the branches.but this may produce some huge buds. Both stocks are about 1" in dia.