Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


Harvested one of the plants today. Will have it hanging soon then to take the sauna apart.Let the building begin.


Have it all hanging now and I’m hoping for my first pound from one plant.


That there is a life goal!! Beautiful tree​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks, I think this grow will be as good if not better.


I started building the new room today. Most of the plywood is up on the back wall. Tomorrow I start on the front with a 36" door.


The room is moving right along. Today I was able to most of the walls done and the door installed. I added a small AC unit to control the heat of the summer. I should have this ready in a few days. The wall with the AC will also have two six inch holes for the duct for the lights. The plants are looking great, I wonder if they know this room is for them.Pictures to come tomorrow. I took 7 tops of the GSC a couple days ago and she’s really looking good today.



Today is day 37 of Veg. and you can see that she can’t wait to get in her new room. She’s measuring at 17" tall by 27" wide. I did some serious topping and look at all the growth.
Here’s the GSC


Can you believe the smell on that chronic window it is incredible I know the Girl Scout cookie smells great too I have a chronic window and an Afghan going I’m glad I have two filters but they smell fabulous


Have this harvest in jars now;. I ended up with a good 16 ounces. My other plant will be ready for harvest anytime now. I’ll probably get the same amount from that one also.


With the other plant ready for harvest I really can’t smell the Chronic Widow yet. Once I get it into flowering stage I’ll let you know.


Mine is not in flower and wow it’s strong already skunky


I can’t wait.


I put both plants in the new room today. Plenty of room and with a 36" door it’s easy to get them in and out of the room. I have them on Veg. for a week or two more. Tomorrow I’ll start working on the fans for the lights.


Day 41 of Veg. and they are loving their new room.


Day 41 of veg. for the Chronic Widow and I only topped this one once. I’ll be topping this one like I did the GSC. I took 7 tops off that one I currently have all those going and they’re doing fine.


The new room is almost complete and I’m loving it. I just have to finish putting up the reflective material. Once I close the door I can actually hear the radio playing. All the fans for cooling of the lights and for the charcoal filters are now inside the room. I’ve suspended the fans with some rubber coated garden wire so there’s no vibration going through the floor. I can’t hear a thing from upstairs.


Day 43 of veg. and the Chronic Widow is really looking good. She seems to be the stronger of the two.



Day 44 of veg. and today I had to change the water and nutrients so I took a few pictures. Here’s the GSC and you can see the width of this plant as the door is 36" wide. I’ll be keeping these on veg. late growth for a couple more weeks hoping these plants each yield over a pound. I’ll be topping the Chronic Widow later today after I pick up some Clonex.



@ntmaremach, your setup looks awesome, good luck with your grow!


Thanks, @Zombo it seems I’m always changing something as I’m new to this. These are the fifth and sixth plants I’ve grown. I also have a tray of clones I took from the GSC. I was going to take some from the CW but just can’t find it in myself to cut this beautiful plant even though it will yield more. Currently the GSCE is about 22" tall and three feet wide. The CW is about 20" tall and a couple feet in diameter. My first grow yielded 10 ounces, the second came in at a little over 12 ounces. The last two I just harvested came in at 16 and 18 ounces. Now with the new grow room allowing me to let the plants stay in veg. longer I should yield even more. So to make sure the yield will increase I’ve increased the size of the tote I have the medium in. I started with a 12 quart then went to the 15 quarts and once I choose a couple of clones I’ll start them in the new larger 20 quart tote. To be able to use a larger tote I had to combine two fill and drain kits together to get the correct height.

Here’s the new setup and I still have a couple of inches of clay pepples to add