Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


Been a couple of days since I topped the GSC so here’s a picture as of today. I also topped the CW today. The GSC is about 7" tall by about 16" wide. The CW is about 5" tall by 13" wide. Today makes day 18 in the totes and 33 days since germinating started.
Here’s the GSC on 3/13 she’s filling in nicely.

The CW just after topping. 3/13


Here’s the GSC today at day 20.

And the CW


Day 22 of Veg. and I did some cropping and training of the plants.


Day 23 and they are looking great. The CW is smaller but I think this is the one to watch.



Day 25



Girlz are looking nice looking forward too see them in the flowering stage :slight_smile:


Thanks @tapewormwilly These girls will be going into a new grow room I’ll be building. I currently have two entering the flush stage today. Here’s a picture of THC Snow. These are not Robert’s seeds that are being flushed now. One is the thc snow and the other is G13 stain, picture to follow.



Thanx for the pic. I’m drooling all over my self lol… I bet she smells goooood!!


No, she doesn’t smell gooooood. She smells GREATTTTTTTTTTT.


Day 27 of Veg. I’ll probably keep them here for a couple more weeks.


How about a photo of my work station.


We have some things in common `

my camera sucks on my tablet sorry


Awesome, I have my PPM and PH probe hanging on hooks out of sight.


At day 29 of Veg. it’s been another week now so I changed the water and nutrients. This grow I added Cal-Mag to the mix so it brings the PPM level much higher than without it. So I put in nutrients for 4 gals of water but put in 6 gals of water to get the PPM level I want. I guess the babies aren’t babies anymore. I can’t wait to get them into the new flower room coming.




This is on one of my plants that’s just about ready for harvest. I’m new to growing and this is the first time I’ve seen this. I think I’ll keep this separate.


Today is day 32 of Veg. These plants seem to love me but don’t let them touch each other as they may not like each other. At least that’s what I believe happened to the leaves in the first picture. When I looked this morning the GSC hit the CW a little. The GSC after topping was done is 15" tall and the CW is 11" and looking great. I’ll be taking clones from these soon.


Once I get my new flowering room built I won’t have anymore problems with touching. Being retired now I would of never guessed 10 years ago that this is what I would be doing as one of my hobbies.


Are you going to post the build ? Can’t wait for more pics looks fun. We could picked a better hobby especially with the benefits :wink:


I’ll post up some pictures as I start building. I’ll be starting this when it stops raining.


Here’s one I’ll be harvesting anytime now. It’s in an old sauna which will be taken apart and replaced with the new room.

Here’s where my other plant is and where my new veg. room will be.

The new room will have two 1000 watt raptor lights with super HPS lamps. There will also be two charcoal filters for the smell and of course power on both sides inside.


Man those look like some big buds!!:heart_eyes:


Big and heavy they are. If I didn’t put up some Yoyo’s to hold them up they would be falling over…