Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow


It’ll take me some time to finish what’s left. I’ll be busy for the rest of the night.:grin:


Very nice @ntmaremach !


awesome @ntmaremach!


I thought GSCX had a 70-77 day flower. I was just wondering why you harvest so early, other than that nice buds. My GSCX is just starting week 3 of flower 8 more to go , I want a lot of couch lock.
Also did your plant change colors naturally or did I drop temps. If naturally what week did they start to change?


I harvested when most of the trichomes were milky. I have three more of these in flower now and I will harvest when they start turning amber. It seems that if doing hydro and keeping the PH and PPM’s where they belong you may knock off a week of time but I’m not sure. I start seeing the color as soon as the buds start forming. I thought I had four GSCE but one was chronic widow which you could tell by the color in the GSCE. I’m hoping to get well over a pound of dry weight from this plant


Holy cow a pound, that’s awesome I hope you get it. I’m just hopeing for a quarter pound, no purple yet but my tent is warm 82/70 temps. But I was amazed by the stretch she almost tripled in size.


I run an AC in my flower room also. It keeps the room about 75. The ac goes off with the lights.


Here’s a picture I just took of the GSCE. Not a good picture and it’s hard to see what’s really there but definitely more than a pound here and still have another three oz’s to hang.


Amazing I most say. I can’t wait but I have to and I only hope mine looks like that when finished. Great job. How many plants did that come from


Thanks, this was from one plant and like I said I still have at least 3 more oz. to hang.


Wow man!!! Awesome harvest :+1::+1::drooling_face::drooling_face::fire::fire::fire:


What size tent do you have and how tall did she get? I’m asking because I have some of those beans. Never mind I found my answer by going back and reading your post


That’s some beautiful buds you got great job


Wow a pound! What kind of light are you using?


Not only what type of light but what technique did you use to spread your plant out so all those colas get the light they deserve?


@Macadon I’m running two 1000 watt Hortilux super hps grow lamps in a 5X10X7.5 room. They’re cooled by two 6" inline fans. I probably have between 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds hanging of dry weight but won’t know until it’s dried. I’ll be posting the final weight later. Here’s a couple of pictures of the GSCE.

The two buds hanging on the left are some Chronic Widow I cut to sample and these smell stronger than all the GSCE combined. @Hogmaster Wait until you see what I get from that one.


@Onlythebest79 I use a 20 lb. Babbitt hammer I made which seems to work.

In reality I use Yoyo’s hanging from the lights and I installed some 1/2 pvc piping along the wall that I can attach the Yoyo’s to and pull them open and down. Here’s some I have mounted in the veg. room. At one time I had two rows of them so I could use the taller one when the plants got bigger.

Here you can see me trying to open up the Chronic Widow. Pulling from all directions.



Different and never seen before but I see how that works and actually is pretty smart.

It has tension in the yoyo to where it’s always pulling the branch outward. You don’t have to adjust it once it’s in place as it adjust itself. Once more branchs produce you put yoyo’s on them. How much are those and where can I find them?


You can find them on amazon for about $20 for 12 of them. Just do a search for garden yoyo’s


Day 65 for the CW. I pulled her out today and took a look and most are showing milky white. I’m still not seeing any amber so it will remain for a couple more days. Those hanging branches are at least three ounces each.