Girl Scout Cookies Extreme- 1st grow journal- Indoor

Today is day three. 2 days ago, I opened the 20 seeds I ordered and received much quicker than anticipated. I have a Super Closet 2 closet, 3 chamber system, with a 16 space combination top feed, DWC, and aeroponic/bubbleponics setup, and an ebb and flow system. I think I can convert the ebb and flow to the other a lot cheaper than $400.00.
I installed the R/O, used the TDS meter, fixed the water, placed the seeds in the water, put in cupboard, looks like 9 out of 10 have split, after 2 days, so they are now in rockwool (About 5.5- 6.0 ph), no nutes, in a cupboard in a tray with lid, no extra water.
I’m excited for this journey.

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Awesome! I also got the 20 pack of GSCE from ilgm and am enjoying the grow now too!

Also growing with Aeroponics.


How did you build your tote tank? 185 air pump and large airstones and timer? Is it that easy?

296 pump, air stone, sprayers. Yea it’s not too hard. @Budnovice

Using sprayers and no medium, does that remove the timers as far as water, meaning it’s 24/7 instead of 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off for 12 hours?

No I still use a timer. I run the air stone 24/7, but the sprayers run 60 on 60 off.

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Ok, back to square one. I put the seeds in a shot glass. All started to open, or split so I placed them in soaked rockwool. Everything ph’d to about piss yellow. Placed in a humidity dome, 3 came up, 1 wilted and disappeared instantly it seemed, 2 came up but seemed to stretch, approx 3" and only “pistils”? Removed humitdity dome, Oops, dried out… last on dead. Only have 10 seeds left.

Help my non- green ass thumb out please…

So I start my seeds in water for 18 hours. After that soak, I place them in paper towels until their tap root is about 1/2 inch. Once the seed is ready, I really dislike rock wool, so I use root riot. It’s like rock wool, but no need to ph, and better for root growth. I put that into my system, and top water until the roots can reach the water from the sprayers.

Root riot… never heard of it… Have to look into it. Why the hatred of rockwool?

Also, my seeds had just started to split, not even close to 1/2 inch. Could just barely see white.
So you don’t use a humidity dome or heat, straight to the big light and the top feed? I was afraid it would be too wet.

I keep them in a warm spot since it’s summer, when it’s colder I use a heating pad. I move the in pretty early. ( don’t mind the missing leaf, cat got into my room when I was not making sure it was closed)

That is early. My failed 2, didn’t yet have the first leaf.

16 days apparently… Out of 20 good seeds, I have 4 plants that may make it. The learning curve was brutal. I got them to sprout, but getting them to leaf was a zoo… In all honesty I have 1 allstar, and I may keep it as a mother and clone the hell out of it.

Take a look and give me your expert thoughts please.