Girl Scout cookies 2 sisters

Good work, man! Good luck at the hospital, hope it all goes well. :v:


Looking good so far. Transplanting around the corner. :+1:


@daz49 , how many crops does this make now, you have it down packed now brother. Have to be careful buy seeds here in oz now , police have made there 1st arrest ,after trolling the seed sites , and they waited for him to plant them just to add another charge to him.


The problem with the U.S. doctors is that the prescriptions for opioids are getting harder and harder to get (Federal Control makes most doctors afraid to write too many scripts). Most of the doctors will not handle pain at all and refer all to Pain Clinics that are generally not worth a crap !

The doctors in the U.S. don’t seem to care but truthfully, most are burnt out. Despite what procedures and therapy they do, some pains are hard to control and require a lot of medication to control it. A LOT of these medications also cause walking and easily loosing balance.

It is a huge pain in the balls for the patients ! I know what you are talking about with pain and sleep loss. I am still fighting to get my hip replaced from service related injuries. I am not sleeping much again and have a heating pad in my bed to help with circulation in my legs and hopefully make my knee and hip better.

Have you tried another surgeon for a follow up on the graft and a possible repeat of the procedure ? Might be an option.

Hang in there and try to keep a positive attitude. I know how hard that is when you are dealing with the medical systems. Good luck.


Should be repotting them both today

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They both got repotted Tuesday by my sister Tasha and they are doing great,pictures coming the weekend


@TxGrowman You are correct it’s harder to get Opiods. My doctor at the VA Hospital does care. If I ask for a small dose of Oxy, he will do it as he knows I won’t abuse it and will rarely ever ask for it. He will prescribe 10 pills at 5mg each.

I can’t do Hydrocodone due to the acetaminophen in it as it causes severe acid reflux for me.

He said one day the only real pain management I will ever get is marijuana. He also said if Texas ever passes a Medical Marijuana program and I mean a real one. I’ll be his first patient to sign me up with no problem whatsoever.

If I lived in Colorado, I could get Doctors at the VA Hospital to sign me up as the Government passed a bill allowing VA Doctors to get their patients a medical marijuana card if the State has it.

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Here they are both repotted and looking great

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@daz49 looking gr8 as always there brother.


Thanks brother I agree they are both looking good now


Looking good @daz49:+1::+1::+1:


Here’s my weekly update and they’re getting big

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