Girl Scout Cookie soil indoor grow

Day 8 of veg since I’ve had her and no idea how old she was when I got her. Had a mold scare and transplanted soil a week ago. Anyone know if its too early to move her into her permanent container yet? not feeding her any nutes yet. water pH 6.5 runoff at pH 6.9. Leaves look and feel a little dry. grow tent goes up tonight

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Watch for roots when you see roots transplant as for final container that depends how big you want the plant

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Transplant her She is definitely ready for a larger pot. Looks good though whats ur set up like?

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Looking good check out my girl scout cookie grow

You want your run off ph at 5.8 - 6.0 in veg I would say , more less 6.5 but not 6.9 , so ph your water at 6.0 and check it and it should come out 6.5 not 6.9 that is a lil high , and yes since you just changed the soil , let her recover first and than put her in her final pot .


Set up is really not much as of right now. Just 100 watt cfl. Assembling tent today. I have two 600 watt HPS lights but no exhaust system to cool them so I will probably just grab a 250 watt cfl. I usually use the DWC method but she was a gift and already in soil.

Yoshi I love u man. You always give awesome info.I so appreciate it. (I’m a woman so don’t feel weird) how long do u think I should wait before transplant? Today would make 8 days.

My opinion as soon as you can

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Pertaining to first question , I’ll let plant recover before I do something else that can stress it , so a few days or so , a week maybe , but you don’t want keep up rooting the plant multiple times without letting the plant at least recover , and I won’t feel weird , just some names you don’t know if it’s male or female you talking too , hope this helps .


I agree with Yoshi her ph was a bit high…
As for transplanting. I to would wait. Anotherweek or two wwon’t hurt a thing. Good advice yoshi :wink:


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Garrigan62 how it’s been going my brother , if I’m mistaken but are you using the air injection method , if so how is it working out for as growth ?

I was but it didt work.I think the guy wasrunninga scam.

Ibam doing a lot better…thank you


Day 10


Yay! You got the lady transplanted she looks nice :smile:, an looks like she is gunna adjust well and do great in her new home

Yeah I had already done it by the time everyone responded. There were so many roots in that little pot its crazy! Never seen anything like it. Anyway I just hope she makes a full recovery that pic was the day after giving her the new home. Trying to get the humidity up is a pain!

She will make it, you can use a spray bottle with Luke warm water :smile: pot plants are pretty hardy plants, mine survived 30mph winds on wednesday, kinda scared me not gunna lie lol, but I have a feeling she will do ok she’ll probably take a day or 2 for full recovery

I put my poor girls through way to much.

Co2 helps to raise humidity , it puts moisture in the air , wet towels , misting , cheap Walmart humidifiers , any of those methods might help ?

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I’ve been trying the mist and wet towel technique but it only raises the levels by 4% max. I’m gonna bite the bullet n grab a humidifier. Thanks!

day 11

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Always worth a shot trying cheapest methods first :smile: