Girl scout cookie grow

I never had good luck with that stuff lol

I’ve used it several grows early on in vegging to help the micro organism in the soil medium like Fox Farm a Ocean Forest , and it helps with raising the iron levels ah little , but cal magic , Botanicare cal mag or Calmag Xtra by advance will all help fix the cal mag issue I think .

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I’m on the same page I think it will help fix it

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I’ve been seeing a lot and even saw some videos on YouTube about using molasses…

I Know It supposedly fattens Up buds but what else is it supposed to do?

Is it just for flower or is it every watering?

How much per gallon?

-Thanks for any info

Me personally id say yoshi can give better advise there, I have had bad luck with molasses every try and I’ve tried different methods stuff just not for me


Got it! The revelant quote contained the revelant word (it attracts)“PESTS” …that’s all I needed to hear!

I’ll pick up something in a solution next time I’m at the gro-store
-thanks for the info!


Sorry I am so late into this thread.

I saw a request for a recommendation for lighting. This is what I use in my 4x4’ tent. Best buy out there and being switchable you only have to buy one system instead of 2 separate lamps :slight_smile:

Now; I bought the choice adding an air-cooled hood. I also have this lamp system in 4000w model as shown with economy batwing. It is worth the extra money to get the air-cooled hood.

Just for Re: I started with a 400w highbay shop mH for my veg, and had 45w+150watt CFL’s ofr seedlings, clones, and undercanopy side lighting. I bought a Diamond self contained 250w hps and added it to the 400w MH when I flowered my 1st grow.

Then by my 2nd grow; I bought a 1000w ballast kit and bult my olamp. I also procured 2 used 1000w MH ballast and built a light system and used 1000w MH Sunmaster lmaps with enhanced Red Spectrum.

All this was too hot for the electrical in my room, so I bought the 400w Ipower digital as suggested above.

I now use a 4 lamp T5 for my seedlings and clones. Best idea I ever bought into. The 400w for veg, and the 600w for flower. NO big spikes in electric bill either. Hope this story of my journey through lamps helps someone. Peace :slight_smile:


Very nice knowledge I use the same setup with a 1000 watt light, and sunlight system that’s 400 watts in a 2’x 6’ x 8’, I find your knowledge very helpful

I used 1 ml of molassess per gallon of water with each nutrient feeding not every watering , and it’s not molassess that attracts bugs , cause believe it or not most organic soil has micro organism in the soil already and if you over water you can cause bugs , but I’m not gone say it cause I don’t want that problem but I never experience mites or bugs in none of my 7 grows , cause if you feed your plants right some nutrients additives protect your plants from bugs . Now for those that have big problems such as mites , I’m not sure if any of you know but you can order lady bugs from Home Depot and release them in your tent and that will clear up your mite problems . Now I don’t know what they cost , but you can purchase them from your local co op are Home Depot . But adding molassess can really benefit what’s in the soil and help your iron and magnesium levels not sweeten your buds .

I didn’t use every watering, lol i used once a week like I said just not my stuff, and that’s not to say that didn’t work lol but out of the years of experience I haven’t got it to work, I’m glad it works for you my friend :smile:

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a friend just gave me 2 girlscoutcookie seeds.
he said they are thin mint. is that same as GSC? or are there more than 1 common GSC?

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There are a few different kinds of gsc, thin mint is probably more potent and, more enhanced gsc strain

oh hi Maji.
thanks. im gonna start poppin these suckers now.

Strain Highlights
Thin Mint, a hybrid cross containing Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics, is a phenotype of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain. Dark green and royal purple hues peek through a heavy coat of crystals, with a sweet minty smell that gives a full explanation of this strain’s name. Thin Mint calls upon the powers of its indica, sativa, and hybrid ancestors for a powerful full-body effect that gives this strain its sterling reputation. The high psychoactivity of this strain is not for novice consumers, but patients with a variety of symptoms are giving Thin Mint their seal of approval: severe pain, nausea, swelling, insomnia, and appetite loss are no match for the potency of Thin Mint.

This should hopefully help you out a little info on that strain for you, how are you doing @AgentJay

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Maybe I’ll try again lol, how much do you use per gallon if you have previously stated I can scroll through and find it

that sounds exciting. plus i just realized how lazy i am for not just googling “thin mint strain” lol.

i think like most regulars here…we’ve learned, its just not worth looking elsewhere.
perhaps sometimes though lol.

how am i doing? well thanks for asking and, before today i would have said a-ok!
but i fell at work today, slipped down some stairs in some guy’s backyard. put my hand down like out of insitnct, and something bent in a way it shouldnt.
4 hours later, x-ray shows fractured #3 metacarpal. its the pinky bone, but in my palm. bummer!

big ol’ cast on is going to be fun at work tomorrow. i do irrigation service and repair at residential homes in/around Seattle. so, every one of the million things i do, require both hands, sometimes a third lol.

worst part is, forget about work, ill manage…but i cant play guitar at all!!!
its my right hand so i can almost hold a pick but, big ol’ cast just makes it impossible to play even close to properly. sigh…

…other than that,…doing great, you?

my 6 plants blooming are doing just fine so far. 1 is a runt, and 1 is a monster…common id guess.
5 in veg are ok too, even though 1 decided to bloom for unknown reason lol.

Could possibly be the one odd auto flower who knows lol, ouch, sounds like a rough week. I’m doing good thank you, yea the thin mint definatley sounds interesting that’s one I actually haven’t experimented with yet haha…Yea seems to be lol I have 1 runt and one monster…that’s only in flower though lol don’t even get me started on vegitative lmao, I have to many for my own good.

i used to play guitar until I got into growing then I dropped guitar and everything else and dedicated my time to growing, sounds like an interesting job, I’m a mechanic for a main job about to graduate from mechanical engineering school finally 4 years seems like forever lol, and that’s alright I did some research for you lol

I still play guitar. In fact I am a promoter in our area. I put on Concerts for Musicians families when they die. We had a great Concert with 20 Players give or take last Sunday. That is why I was scarce around the end of last week.

On the molasses note. I do not believe in using molasses at all. It does not break down properly and many growers assume it will make their buds sweeter. (a myth).

I think that if you need more minerals such as iron and whatever else was mentioned above; You should buy iron from an Ag Supply and know you are applying something that is formulated to work. Just my $.03 worth :slight_smile:

Well worth the 3 cents I cant use it either, I tried when I first started and it killed my plants, so I started again lol and ditched molasses never touched it since. On other note that’s pretty awesome buddy keep up the great work! I’m sure your appreciated there the same as you are here