Girl scout cookie grow

Hello blades , these are my 2 week old Girl scout cookie plants and 1 unknown dank seedling that just sprouted. im running 2 (100w) cfls daylights cool blue equivalent to 23 watts . with fox farms ocean forest organic soil . what improvement should i make . the bottom leaves were drooping a little due to overwatering but i stopped watering alot . the temperature is 75 and humidity is 65 i havent been feeding any nutrients ever since they sprouted, the bottom leaves are turning slightly yellow what could this be and how can i fix it .?

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the slightly yellow is from overwatering.
since youve corrected your watering habits,…should clear up.

other than that,…sounds like youre on the right track.

65% humidity is good. for now. mid-way through vegging and certainly before blooming. youre going to want that lower by 15-20%. to avoid mold issues.

Ocean Forest is a “hot” soil. meaning it contains a certain amount of nutrients. whether or not this should be used on early seedlings is debatable. many do, without issue. but many have also reported burning of seedlings.

it seems you know enough to NOT give them any more food at the moment. and if you dont notice burn (slighty yellowing at the very tips of leaves blades) then i wouldnt worry about it.

from the pics you posted. it looks like the tips are being effected, if only very slightly. this could be from overwatering like you mentioned. or perhaps soil is too hot.

did you mix soil with anything else? like perlite or vermiculite?


I’m over two months into my Girl Scout Cookie grow and use the Ocean Forest soil with no problems at all. There is no need to feed them anything during Veg because it’s all in the soil. I’m doing both seeds and clones and all are doing well.
I have 5 plants in Flower now and 31 clones in Veg, using nothing but the Ocean Forest until they go into Flower where I feed them the Tiger Bloom Nute.
All are doing great.
Take a look at my journal, I posted a number of pics.
CFLs are fine but keep them really close to the plants. I’ve used CFLs, 4’ fluorescent, 400W Metal Halide and 250W LED. (I experiment a lot)
Good luck with your grow.

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Thank for the input @AgentJay and @Richard51 I haven’t been feeding any nutes yet until they show they need them which I am planning on using the grow big from fox farms… Here is the new update on them they developed new growth and the yellowing seemed to stopped.

I’ve had yellowing come and go on mine also for no apparent reason, as well as some other minor issues. I went into panic mode every time but they seemed to resolve themselves with no apparent harm done.
I watered them with PH6.3-PH6.8 water whenever they showed some drooping of the leaves and they flourished. It’s best to let the soil go dry between watering’s.
The 5 I have in Flower are all tall and bushy, 4 1/2-5 1/2 foot tall. They’ve been in Flower for two weeks and I’ve fed them twice (every other watering).
You can go with the grow nute if you want but with Ocean Forest it’s really not necessary unless they show a deficiency. That made my grow so much simpler.
I found that adding nutes changes the PH in the water as well as the soil.
Best of luck with your grow.

Yeah @Richard51 I want to let them grow to their fullest potential before switching to 12/12 but I don’t want them to get very tall .so I was considering topping or using the mainlining method.

So far they have been at a steady ph of 6.5
And the temperature at 75 & humidity of 65
I have 130 true watts running cfls . I’m looking upgrade to an hps or metal halide what do you suggest?

Both MH and HPS lack a certain type of light. in other words neither has full spectrum.
so if you cant use both, and have to go with 1 or the other. HPS is the way to go.

typically MH is for veg and HPS for bloom.
but many veg with HPS only. and continue HPS into bloom.
can veg fine with MH only, but blooming would suffer.

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I agree and that’s the way I went, fluorescent for seedlings then MH for my grow. In the Flower room I use HPS.
I got lucky though and got my lights for free from a friend who tried and failed at indoor growing. I did invest $314 in a single LED panel to experiment with a SGROG.
I have seen fluorescent used for the entire Veg and it worked well for small plants.

just curious. have you let on to your friend how much better you have been doing?

i imagine he/she might not be so happy about it heh.

I didn’t want to brag and make him feel bad…but I did let my wife send him a few pictures.:smiling_imp:

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@Richard51 & @AgentJay here’s an updated picture of the gsc . I transplanted them from the solo cup to pot with ph’d water at 6.5

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they look better.

Yep, they look happy

Update : The GSC Almost 3 weeks old and the unknown dank is 1 week old . I fim’d the gsc sativa and topped the indica



Unknown dank

@AgentJay @Richard51 I’m thinking one the plants could be a hybrid what do yall think? How long more should I veg ? I was planning on doing 2 months of veg

if you mean a hybrid, in terms of indica/sativa. it is my belief that most commercial seeds are just that. combination of both. i think it is unlikely that anyone could tell by just looking.

as far as veg duration, its optional.
most people go by height. since youre growing indoor, height becomes a restriction. knowing that the bloom cycle typically adds 1/3rd more upward growth. most people will decide to switch to bloom with that in mind.

others may have a specific amount of time they prefer to veg. but i would bet those people are very familiar with particular strain and such.

if you have what most indoor grows have for height. at least 7 feet tall and up to 10 feet or so.
you have to factor in the container sits a foot or 2 high from ground, lights hang down a foot or 2 also. than you do some simple math and see how much space is left to grow properly and not end up too close to light source.

hope that helps.

There is also the 12" to 18" distance from light to plant top

Well right now this is my set up 2-(48) watt cfl and 4-(20) watt cfls . As for flowering I was looking into the hydrofarm 400w metal halide.

of course.
thats why i said this