Girl Scout cookie grow log

Hi guys
Documentary of my next grow 3 X girl Scout cookies autos

Planted 29/4/22 in 50/50 soil perlite mix
Sprouted 3/5
Shell feel off same day
First 3 finger leaf fully grown on 13/5
Transplantation into Coco pots on 22/5/22


What are you feeding them with?

Love me some GSCE ladies. They’ve always turned out really nice for me. Besides Bruce banner its one of the most aggressive growers ive grown from ILGM


@spiney_norman Nutrifield Coco nutrient range

All colytons were yellow today and they had their first feed after transplanting

Good luck with your grow! I just finished one of these, got 138g dry of very solid buds. Just started the cure but she sure smelled incredible in flower.


@fiz great job was that per plant

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Gsc was probably the easiest for me to grow and train, best of luck!

@Pinboy I was looking at FIMing at the 5th node and just lst with two defoliation what did you do ?

I only grew one GSC on this grow, so yes just the one.

@BigCat420 you got me psyched!! BB are my next tent run, just as soon as these GSC Autos finish up lol.

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New leaves coming through alot quicker now
Still feeding at 1/4 strength nutes.
Cal mag and veg igniter used from first feed


Growing really quick . Added root nectar , notice one plant has slight brown spots on lower leaves going to water and then dry out for a day .

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Week 4/5 fimmed all just before flower started
Few white hairs showing on 2 of the girls
Completed dry day yesterday and ready for flower nutes on Friday

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Week 2 of flower
Had ph lockout on one plant and did a full calmag flush of 6.0ph
Not sure if to lst

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@Bigcat420 any tips for lst?

Id say use some LST clips, a scrog net, or pipe cleaners to tie down branches. Sometimes ill also use landscaping staples

@BigCat420 I think it’s too late for lst.
i will just do a big defoliation today to open her up .

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Did a big defoliation today lots of air and light can get in now .