Girl scout cookie -f10, extreem or not?

I purchased girl.s.c. extreme and received girl s.c. -f10, are they the same strain ?

I think you got a bag of GSC seeds, that are female, and you received 10. I could be wrong though, but I’ve never heard of GSC-f10


Apparently these are indeed G.S.C. Extreme seeds. Can’t wait to see these girls flower. :slight_smile:

Can I ask a question. What is the difference between GSC and GSC Extreme. Some parts of the site shows that GSC/GSC Extreme is a low yielding genetics and some show it as being quite high yielding can I get an answer from ILGM on which it is? Thank you. I would put this on my own post but I can’t seem to post a new topic as the button doesnt show. Thanks.

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Cross posted. Please only ask a question once. :blush: