Girl Scout cookie extreme autoflower

5 weeks old is this stretch too much?


@MattyBear deets sir, :sunglasses: newest grow


No but you are running low on tent space! Id look into supercropping and try to get her horizontal for a bit.

If she doesnt go full flower soon, you may have a real problem


Thanks for the tag my dude! Great looking plant! How much head space do you have left? If you’re running low, I’d do what Purp said and supercrop it or run some lst to make it more even :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


Head space gotcha. The distance from the top to the light was 7 inches so I bent the stem at 12” from the light, bent some fan leaves out the way but didn’t tie them down because I can’t think of any way to tie em down out the way without having a million wires everywhere and took a little bit of fan leaves from the bottom and broke a big one by accident trying to bend it too much.


Hopefully she won’t stretch too much in flower , but it looks like it will fill out nicely

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Would removing fan leaves help the lower area of the plant?

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The further from the light, the less intensity they will receive. That cropping will give those lowers a chance to catch up. But anything WAAAAYYYYY away from the top wont amount to very much in the long run anyway

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