Girl Scout Cookie: 1st Grow

Day 5 after sprouting.
Growth medium is Miracle Grow Potting Soil, Miracle Grow Garden Soil and my own home made compost.

Day 18.
They’ve had nothing but PH6.5 water so far.

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looking good. ive got to smoke some of that strain. i think ill go buy some today. man its a dream come true living in recreational legal state. yipee!!

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Great looking plants - but - transplant them now in your final container do you use a good “root stimulator” ? (great White, ect)

Thanks steve2, I’ll get my pots ready.
Never used a root stimulator. I’ll investigate that first.

Super thrive or good B-Vitamins will do , 2.5 ml to a gallon ?

mykorrhizae this stuff is awesome as root enhancer GH subculture-m if you can’t get your hands on great white basically same thing.

Had to transplant my two oldest plants to 3 gallon pots today.
I did not top them because I want to give them a couple of days in the new environment.
Couldn’t get my hands on a bag of good medium so I transplanted using my Miracle Grow mixture with my compost. Hopefully it will bring the N up to where it needs to be. I’ll check it tomorrow.

Day 18 from sprout.

Checked PH levels in water and the soil in pots #1 and 2.
Soil was 6.8
Water was 6.2
I’m thinking that I’m in the ballpark on my PH levels but can only hope that the NPK ratios are good as I used Miracle Grow blended with some of my compost. I’m checking them three times a day for any deficiencies and both appear healthy and vibrant.

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Put #1&2 under a 400W MH this afternoon (18/6), about a foot and a half above foliage. Room temp went from a constant 77F to 81F at plant level.
Noticed that all leaf tips are a brighter green and shiny…new growth? Amazing what shows up under bright lights.
Soil, water, temp and lights seem to be right and plants are vibrant. My only concern at the moment is the nitrogen levels. I’ll just have to watch for burn and deficiencies until something changes.

As your plants get bigger they are better equipped to cope with higher nutrient lvls with the temp climb your plants will start to drink more this means eat more as well so you will know fairly fast if your soil is too hot. If you are concerned about this try flushing your soil so you will have more control of what nutrient lvls it has :slight_smile:

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A friend gave me some DNF two part nutrient in 5 gallon jugs. It’s free and research shows that it’s been around for over twenty years. So I’ll give it a try.
Mixed up a gallon at 1/4 strength and letting it sit 'til tomorrow. PH in water changes when you add nutes.
Topped #1 and LST #2. Plant #2 was the shortest of the two so I’m trying to get them back to the same height. I also want to compare the difference between Topping and Low Stress.
I plan to start training once the branches get long enough.

Fed #2: Just two cups of 1/4 strength nute to see the effect. PH6.8 so I added 1/4tsp PH down to bring it to 6.5. I’ll check for burn before feeding #1.
Room temp is holding at 81F and humidity at 59%.
All five plants look healthy, no signs of stress.

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Temp on #1&2 has been holding at 81F at the same time the rest of the room is at 77-79F. Noticed very slight curling on a few leaves (heat stress?) so I raised the light 6", heat dropped to a constant 77F everywhere.
No sign of nute burn on #2 from yesterdays feeding so I fed both plants, 1/4 strength, until some water drained from the bottom. Runoff water tested at PH7.2 (should I flush or just give it a day or so?)

give it day or so and adjust your watering ph a little lower say 6 for next water test run-off again should put you around 6.8 safe but not optimum too fast a ph shift can create issues of it’s own so slowly adjust still in veg so your plants will be more forgiving

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Flushed #1 & 2 with 6.0 water, runoff tested at 7.0 and soil is still at 7.0-7.2. I’m guessing that I didn’t flush enough. Only used one gallon per plant and they are in three gallon pots.
I’ll keep an eye on them and flush again in a couple of days.
Room temp is down to 76-77 but I would like to see it at 75F.
Both plants seem to be recovering from heat stress but there’s still some curl in the upper leaves.
I’ll just leave them alone for a couple of days.

When flushing you typically use 3-4 times the volume of the container you are trying to rinse the soil much like rinsing your hair after shampoo if you don’t rinse well the soap is still there :wink:

Upper leaves are curling on #2 (not so much on #1 but a little)
I suspect heat stress since it’s only on the upper leaves so far.
I’m using a single 400W MH, two feet above the top of the plants (it was 16"). Temp at the top of the plants was 83F but dropped to 77F after raising the lights.
There’s no change in the color at the edges where curling is.
Maybe I should put them back under fluorescents for a while?

Yesterday I flushed #2 with 13 gal PH6.5 water and the runoff tested at 6.9-7.0.
This morning the soil tested at PH6.7.
Today I’ll flush #1