Girl gone herm?

New to the forum, first post.

First grow using fem seeds from ILGM (Sour Diesel fem). 4 weeks into flower; soil grow; indoor.

Does this look like a hermie?

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Everything looks good. Those are swollen calyxes and definitely female. Look for pollen sacks, that look like balls.
Welcome to the community!


Great News! Thanks for the quick reply and the warm welcome! I’ll try not to ask too many stupid questions… :laughing:

So, do the swollen calyxes mean that it’s further along in flowering than the others (which are not showing swollen calyxes)? Most of these girls only have 4 weeks or so left until they should be ready.

The main stem where it shows sex will definitely swell first. The rest of them on the ends for lack of a better term here, the pistils will turn brown, the calyxes will swell also as they do.
Ask away, that’s what this forum is about.

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