Gifted plants need TLC, can they keep vegging or too late into flowering?

Nice, plants looking much better already!

You are well on your way to saving them. Nicely done!

@Hellraiser also - onto 18/6 now and 600w, they are vegging out loads although those straight edged leaves sure do look weird! Shows that the reveg was successful though.

So my next question to you hero’s is one about trellis netting, I have one and was thinking of squashing these down to an even canopy with it to let them keep vegging through, do you think I can do that as-is or would they need further cutting? Concerned about them being too tall as they are at about 3ft out of my 7ft tall tent.

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Looks like normal re-vegging growth to me. Nicely done!


Well it’s been a collaborative effort so far

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You did all the work. Have you shown them to the gifter?

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Oh yes, he’s very happy as the other 4 or 5 he had died unfortunately so I’ve given life to his project again!

What do you think about the trellis net, should I cut them down first or bend them as they are now?

Depending on available height under the light, if they were mine, I’d probably cut them back, but remember every topping will result in 2 branches, so they’ll get bushy. @Hellraiser may have better guidance.

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Yeah that was my concern too, 4 of them are the same strain and 2 of them are their own unique strains so I could bunch the 4 up to almost one even canopy and then try and have the other two off to the side a bit.

My lights reflector is about 6 inches so if I got the net to about 3ft from the floor they would have just over 2.5ft to flower, my concern is obviously the potential of snapping branches to bend them!

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Nice reveg!

Yeah it would be a good time to cut them back and make a short even canopy with more tops before flowering. Could always bend them over as well but yeah it can result in branches snapping.


Let me assess how bendy they are tomorrow and I’ll decide their fate then haha, thanks for the advice will show you how it goes


Hey not sure if you have any experience with HPS or MH but I have this setup currently:

iPower Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH Grow Light System for Plants with XL Air Cooled Tube (2-in-1 Extra Large Wing) Set, 600-Watt

Looks like I’m getting a bit of burning on one plant in the middle though, do you know what distance I should be aiming for with this light?

Not much of an issue once I squash them down with the net today but still good info to know.

@Hellraiser @Newt unless that looks like potassium deficiency to you? Not experienced enough to be able to diagnose alone yet!

Perhaps. Are you feeding them veg food now?

They had 1 feeding of big bloom 6 Tsp and grow big 3tsp last week which was week 3 of the FF achedule chart. That was after a sledge flush.

Then they had a regular pH water feeding about 4 days ago

I’d suggest feeding twice a week.

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I have a lot of experience with them, used them for over 20 years.

Looks like you are using the MH bulb, at 600 watts I’d keep it about 26 inches from the plant tops.

Feed more often as @Newt said.

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Easy fixes thanks chaps, just did some scrogging for the first time too

Lots more filling out to do now so that will be the goal fo a nice lush green canopy.


I have to tell you, I’m really enjoying watching you save these girls. Please keep updating!

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Forgot to ask, should I be sticking with the same 6/3 FF ratio from week 3 or move on to week 4 now and keep that going until I flush and flip to flower?

Week 4 is 3/3tsp ratio

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