Gift seed 2nd grow

A friend gave me 30 feminise seeds, 3 different strains. I have a 4x4 tent and need some options on how many to plant an wether to do sog or scrog. I was thinking of growing one of each and doing a scrog.


I am a fan of the SCROG. The SOG iMO is wasteful (hahaha) SCROG does take a little longer, but well worth the yield!

You could SCROG 3 plants in a 4x4 with no worries! @Hippieheart

That is what i was thinking @bob31. The seeds are of unknown quality. Was told they were femised but I don’t know for sure. Would it be good to start 2 of each and select the best 3 after they get old enough to tell sex?


Yeah, you could do that @Hippieheart until you are more sure of their genetics and stability.

Thats one of the problems with a SCROG and seeds of unknown sex. You have to let them fill in the SCROG and then flip them to 12/12 if they are male you have wasted a lot of time.

Maybe until you are more confident in their genetics you should probably not SCROG them.

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Did not realize you had to flip them to tell sex. If I planted them in 3 gal fabric pots would all 6 fit in the tent? Would I lose much yeld by using the 3 gal pot? What type of training would you suggest? Topping and lst? Thanks for your help @bob31

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Thats a grest Friend to have lol i have a similar friend who recently gifted me about yhe same amount of beans all top quality iglm seed as well In a 4x4 is tent 4 plants max
imo one plant and taking you time with her is best for the scrog technique
Ive tried 4 plants under a 4x4 screen and you do not get full potential from technique since screen fills up fast
Im abig fan of the scrog technique as well like @bob31 mentioned
I had a ssh monster cropped clone under a 8 foot x 4 foot screen last summer managed to fill up 6x4 but sadly lost most of it to bud rot
Point is taking your time and vegging the plant to fill screen is best
Imo you would be better off doing multiple plants with out the scrog screen
Especially if tou only have the one tent