Gift from a friend

Here’s a picture of one i have in my tent. Using lst on one main stalk and super cropping on the other main stalk to see which will provide higher yield. This is my first real indoor grow (in soil) so far I’m doing it all by the green thumb method. If it’s still alive I’m doing ok. Amy thoughts on how it looks and ideas about how to improve. Plant is 6 weeks from sprout. Intentionally kept short

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Looks happy and healthy. What lights you got her under?

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Unfortunately it’s under a blurple but that is what the budget had in it. It actually seems to be working very well though. Been under a “600w equivalent” special attention to the air quote, for a week now after living on a scorching hot porch with about 6-8 hours of God’s hottest sunlight between 9am and 5pm. When i got the plant it had very little new growth and was extremely light green in color. After i put it in the tent it has turned a much healthier color with loads of new growth

Decided if I’m going to do this I’m going to feed her right. Was given some MG when i got the plant and after further research I’ve ordered the 3 pack of FF nutes. Should arrive by the 12th.

Power outage. I guess it’s ok to put the lady out into the sun again for a while better than making her hide in a dark tent all day or until the power is back up…

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Better to have her in the sun than try to flower from the dark tent loo

No flowers as of yet but it’s definitely a girl!!! Was actually hoping to get an auto as these are random seeds from bags of choice stuff I’ve came across this year. I have a very very tiny AF that i also got with this plant. The little girl is maybe 6 inches tall with 4 nodes and pistils forming all over it. All over may be slight exaggeration but it’s definitely starting to flower.
Never seen such a tiny thing try to be big. Considered experimenting with the tiny thing like super cropping it to see what happens. Life is just one big experiment after all anyways right?

I am looking to get a better light than the one I was handed along with these plants. Will be growing in a 2x2x4 tent. If anyone wants to provide advice it will be greatly appreciated and thoroughly considered

@dbrn32 is the light expert.

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Budget in mind I’m considering buying a mars hydro tsw 2000 to put in the tent. Maybe slightly too much power but if i grow them low and wide it should be ok I think…

If you plan on staying in 2x2x4 I would look at qb 135 kit. It’s proper amount of light for the space and will be more easily managed. You can remote mount driver to give you couple extra inches height too.

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I think i will go with your suggestion @dbrn32 seems like a much higher quality light for less money and I wouldn’t have to worry with bleaching and so on. Thank you for the info. I’m sure my wife will appreciate the 75$ bucks I’m gonna save.

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I’m new to all the indoor lighting issues. Not looking to pull elbows out of this tiny little tent, but i would like to have a legitimate grow space and not pay the man on the street any more. Not just a space for growing a pretty green leafy lady. This bs blurple that came with the tent and plant my friend gave me just isn’t going to work to make the flowers I am going to want. Hopefully in the next week or two I’ll be able to purchase the kit @dbrn32 suggested and really kick the girls into high gear. If these fail I do have some AF GDP seeds I can start from scratch with.


Look around online for coupon code. There is usually at least 1 active for something like 10%, will save you couple more bucks.

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I probably should not get over eager and only grow two plants at a time in that little tent @dbrn32

Got the nutes today!
Time to feed the babies…

@dbrn32 I have found the light that I was given along with this tent and plant. It’s a blurple… wakyme 600w equivalent. Does any Plant stand a chance to make a bud under this light? It seems to do ok for vegging bc the plant I have is still growing well after a week under that light. I just figure it’s gonna make the fluffiest buds ever and that’s not what I am trying to accomplish…

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It’s a $60 light on Amazon, I would expect $60 performance. Will it grow a bud or two, absolutely. But I think with the cost of seeds, nutrients, and everything else that comes with running a grow, i would look to invest in something more promising.

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Yeah I’m definitely going to upgrade soon. Will 14 GA. Jumpers be enough if I need to extend the wire for the driver to successfully mount it remotely?

@dbrn32 I have the QB 135 on the way… quick question. Will it be over kill to leave this blurple light in the tent with the hlg 135 or will it be basically a waste of energy the plants won’t even use.?