GIANT I doing something good...or something bad


Gold Leaf…Hydro set up…non auto…in a greenhouse…so cal…with some supplemental light…

So…first grow…and all of the pictures where plants are the same age as mine make me think something is wrong…My plants are SUPER tall…The biggest is 3 ft…and two are 6 inches shorter…and one is about 1.5 feet.

They were grown from seeds…that were germinated and had tails April 28. So they are 4 1/2 weeks old.

Advice please on how to handle these beasts…and …how long should I wait to put them into flower…

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So are you going to do a light deprivation grow in the greenhouse? Typically once you flip the light cycle a plant will double in size, not just height. So you could use that as a guideline of when to flip.

Yes…I will do light deprivation… AAABergman’s Lab

Ummmm…so is it too early to flip to veg?? They are only 4 1/2 weeks old from seed.

Is it normal to be this big?? Does this indicate better or worse results?

Most people complain about too small! So, its normal if you are doing something right. Meaning indicator of good results.

Some people report 3-4" of growth per day depending on technique. If you have enough room to let them go longer, then I would do that. If space is a constraint, then you could flip now.