Ghost train flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

I have cut and planted some Ghost Train Haze clones from the parent plant back in November. I now have 3 of my 5 clones (which are only 2 months old and about 5") starting to flower. I have had them under 16/8 lighting schedule and last week changed to 24hr but the flowers are still there. Should I cut them off? Any suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

18/6 light for vegation and for flower use a 12/12 light cycle - do nothing to the plant but change light spectrum. . why are you doing 24hours of light - to stop flowering? don’t do no “cuttingoff” - just change light cycle st this point fro let them grow till 12 inches tall and then start to flower

Is it fully flowering or just the preflowers? I had one plant that preflowers like crazy with 2 hairs coming out from each node about 2 weeks before I flipped to 12/12.

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I am doing 24hr lighting to try and get these clones back to vegetative stage. They are only 3"’ to 5" tall and I normally like to start flowering when plants reach at least 36". I don’t expect much of a yield when these plants are so small.

I think these are just preflowers. I was under the assumption that flowering is ONLY initiated by 12/12 lighting, not the stage of the parent plant of the clone. These clones are TOO SMALL to start flowering and get a good harvest.

Full flowering is initiated by 12/12 yes. Preflowers is just the plants way of saying it is mature enough to flower. By all means keep vegging as long as you want, there is no reason to flip to full flowering until you are ready. Just keep in mind that clones take their mothers age when you snip them. If a plant preflowers after 4 weeks of veg and you cut clones at 3 weeks odds are that the clones will preflower in a week as well. This is because the clone thinks it is 4 weeks old even though in your mind it is only 1 week :slightly_smiling:

Here is how it goes Preflower Stage (1-2 weeks) that is the time it takes the flower to start bud development AFTER switching to a 12/12 cycle. Once you see bud development THEN and only THEN start your “flower time” count-down
Floweer stage can take 1-4 mos’ depending on strain - with 2 mo’s being the average