Ghost seeds with no herms?

Hey all. Been growing for 20 years, last 10 indoors. I just harvested decent looking white ogs and have found seeds. Looks like we cought a hermie somewhere. I cut dried and trimmed all 5 plants myself. Saw no signs of a herm. The tent is new, its first grow. I dont think any light issues, and only had a day of 90f temps. My nute and water schedule was same as always. And i have been around no other plants. Only exanation for seeds is a herm. Damn if i have seen it tho. Anybody else ever get a stealth herm??


There’s usually a nanner that sticks out, and fertilizes a pistil here and there.


The most likely scenario is that you missed a male flower, brought on either by genetics, environmental factors, or both. After the grow is complete (or now) you should turn all the room lights on, and sit in your dark tent with the flaps closed. Sit there for 20 minutes without looking at light or screens. Any light leaks will become obvious. Have a roll of masking tape handy to mark them for patching.

It’s possible for apomixis to occur in cannabis, but the phenomenon isn’t well understood. Apomixis causes a plant to self-fertilize without pollen. Seems linked to senescence, but there’s much to learn.


On my very recent harvest, I found 3 small buds with seeds in them, from a harvest of over 20 oz, never saw a nanner anywhere and from a clone strain that never hermied before. There is like 20 seeds from those 3 buds and they were all at the bottom of the same branch, must have grown just one little nanner down there as it was very localized. Keeping those seeds as a gift from the weed gods.


Dude i keep seeing stuff i wanna quote from u. Well stated.

Sometimes it just happens. U can scour every centimeter of the plant. No harm no foul. If u plant those seeds, however, keep a close eye out for pollen shooters


I found this male flower in lower branches, I found parts of two others ,I will have seeds.

I’m bummed for you.

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Yea it sucks. Odd i didnt see a nanner or something. Was a good grow tho otherwise.

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@KeystoneCops. Im sure you rite. I look for nanners minimum of once a week. I get each plant out and set it on the bench and adjust lst etc. I always inspect the plant good cause i hate pickin seeds. Just cant believe i missed one.

I just grow for myself so it aint like its a big deal. Just a pride thing… know what i mean?