- URL Phishing?

Well I was doing some reading up on nutrients and when I tried to get the GH chart(s) I get site blocked because of URL:Phishing…heres my popup msg.
Anyone else have issues with this ?

That looks like a bogus url, not

Actually, I see what you mean. Once you click on the line you want to dl the chart, I get the same thing.

Google image search “general hydroponics feed chart” and they all come up.

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Yup…the site is ok…its just when you try to dowload the pdf(s)/chart(s)…odd they would do this and for what reason would they…hrrrm…
Oh well, I’m sure I will find the charts somewhere…lol

Somebody is running a scare marketing campaign.

They profit… you lose.

A few people will buy the “fix”.

In the Scam World, it’s called “Just doing a Donald”.

That’s the justification.