GH Flora Trio Schedule

I am looking for a GH Flora trio schedule with Calmagic and Hydroguard when using Distilled water… When I follow the 2 different schedules online, I end up with PPMs at 900+. I am following perfect, but have been told several times that 900 is too high… I used the method where you look to see if your nutrient levels are rising or falling as the water level goes down, but it seems impossible with the small 3.5 gallon DWC buckets because things just aren’t stable enough… I am switching to a RDWC with 5 gallon buckets and a 27 fallow reservoir this weekend. and moving my larger plants I to that system in a 5x5 tent since they will be going to 12/12 soon… I just want a overall GH Schedule that works with distilled water so I can quit stressing whether I am under or over feeding… Thank you for your help… I can add LOTS of info about the plants and set up if necessary, but wasn’t sure what information was needed… Thank you!!! What a great forum!!! I am learning a ton every day!!!

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@Donaldj can answer this better than myself.

I run straight Lucas Formula it’s very simple 1 part Micro 2 parts Bloom @winks00 you are already doing what my first suggestion would be increasing res size and volume to help improve stablity
PPM is always based on the plants and how they are doing so try not to fixate on a number adjust it to what your plants tell you.


What’s your starting ppm

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I just got the last fee parts in today to add Recirculation to my DWC…
so, you don’t use grow at all???

I don’t even own a bottle :wink: Cal-mag and Micro both have plenty of N in them

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@Donaldj. Have you ever seen this??

It is a Walter White Auto… I used the paper towel method for the seed and then once it had a taproot, I put it into rapid rooter… I germinated 4 seeds, 2 Walter White Auto and 2 Chem Dawg Fem… 3 are fine so far, but this Walter White has grown weird…


It’s a genetic issue I would say some times plants grow differently and morph 2 seeds from that same strain can be completely different. I have had strains which started horribly and turned into super healthy plants

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I don’t know if this will help you, I have no ppm meter. I grow in coco. I use gh Flora trio and calmag. When I feed in vegg. I feed water water 3-4ml micro 3ml grow 3-4ml bloom 4ml calmag

Growing in coco should be light feeding 2 times than a water feed feed water are you letting her dry out between waters? have you tried not feeding her or a clear cup for humidity dome

It is not coco… It is a cheap cardboard type plant pot… Yes, I am letting it dry out until the soil looks dry and is pulling away from the side of the pot before watering… I tried a clear cup as a make shift humidity dome, didn’t seem to make a difference one way or another…

If your using General hydroponics suggested feeding schedule your overfeeding try going half strength.

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Is that per gallon

Yes it is. I use 7 gallon pots so I use 3 gallons. First gallon is plain pH water. Then 2nd two gallons are my nutrient water. Hope that explains things

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So, how much of each do I use if I am using 20 to 22 gallons in a RDWC system??? I have a 27 gallon reservoir and 4 5 gallon buckets… The water is circulating constantly… I am about 1 to 2 weeks from flower…

Why don’t you add all 3 gallons to the reservoir and then add the nutrients for 3 gallons to the reservoir? Is there a reason behind adding the nutrients to individual gallons before adding them to the redeevoir??

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I do a Lucas also and I don’t think of it in milliliters per gallon. I don’t own a bottle of grow either @winks00.

What I do is think of the Lucas formula in a 1:2 ratio which is 1 part micro and 2 parts bloom.

From there I just work off of what I want my desired ppm to be at…

Let’s say it’s early in the grow and I’m trying to achieve 400Ppms. Well, I just keep adding micro and bloom in a 1/2 ratio to my recirculating system, but I add in very small amounts and check after each time i add.

If it’s later in the grow and I need my Ppms somewhat higher at let’s say 1000ppms. Well I do the same thing as above, just add micro and bloom in a 1/2 ratio until I reach my desired ppms…

I use cal mag also. What I do to add this is I actually fall short of my desired ppms when adding the micro and the bloom above. If my desired ppms is 900 then I will probably just take my ppms to about 750 with the micro and the bloom and make up the other 150 ppms by adding Cal mag in small increments


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I don’t grow hydro, I grow in coco

That actually sounds fantastic!! Every time I try to follow someone else’s formula, I end up with more PPMs than I want… So I then have to remove water with nutrients and add plain distilled water to get the PPMs down… I then use the water with nutrients that I removed for the next reservoir change or for adding water as the reservoir water is used by plants… So, this method of adding a little at a time sounds perfect!!! I have wasted some distilled water and some nutrients and they are expensive!!!

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Once you start figuring out what 1:2 amount gets you X amount of Ppms it will go allot faster for you. With the amount of water in my system, I can blindly take my water from 0 to 800Ppms and not miss a beat, I said a little at a time because this is how you learn your reservoir…

Btw, when I’m shooting for something like 800 Ppms and it comes out at 780 or 820 i don’t worry abbout it a bit. No reason to me to be that exact