GGAF day 58 from planting. Doe you think it is time to stop feeding

I have attached pics. I know I still have time but does this look on schedule?


No way.too many white pistils. Unless your going for CBG. Which is more for medical extraction and doesn’t get ya high. Twords end of flower cycle CBG becomes your terp profiles.

See the top right image with the big red X? Look familiar? You got at least a month till harvest. Can check to see if you want to cut nutes again in a week or two.

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More white hairs than colonel sanders head. Month out, probably more. No, not time to stop feeding. I’m guessing you’re in week 6 of flower?

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It’s an auto flower so the seedbank timeline is from seedling stage. So if the seedbank says 10 weeks you can expect to harvest 12 from pop. Week of flower isn’t as relevant to how we measure auto flower time lines. That’s photo period. The seedbank weeks listed for photoperiod is after transition. So that’s where that can be confusing.

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Interesting read to confuse your process of feeding/flushing.
To flush or not to flush…a science review - Beginner / Grow FAQs - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman

Thanks. The plants looked kinda lame for harvest in 12 days. I did use ILGM GG auto flower and thought something should happen in a while so I am glad next week is not cutting time.

Also remember that seedbank time lines are based on optimal professional conditions. Can only be used as a loose idea of time it will take. Unless you have you grow completely dialed in. There are so many factors that will slow a plant down. Too much or not enough of nutrients/light/air flow/ temperature. Pretty much all factors except co2, because unless you are adding co2 (which means you have increase the other 4 in equivalency), proper air flow covers it.

You should always go by how your trichomes and pistils look. Not a timeline based on perfect circumstances. On top of that. Each plant is different.

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Thanks again. This is first attempt besides an empty back lot back in the 70s. I really did not think they would get this far so am happy

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When I say each plant is different. Seems like new growers see plants like robots. Best way I can put is. Ever seen a human family? One mom, one dad. Doesn’t matter how many kids, they are all different. Except identical twins, which are literally clones. Two from one bean. Fraternal twins are from the same germination but two beans. Plants and us evolved on this same green marble. We really aren’t that different. We perform better when happy. We are all unique in our own way. Plants are no different.

Again thanks. I was concerned I was approaching day 70 based on ILGM GG autoflower description and did not think it looked ready. Next grow I will start a journal here but again I did not think they would get this far has a have a “thumb of death”. Thank you and stay safe.

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My last run of ilgm gga’s finished in 85 days sprout to chop. You’re lookin good but have a ways to go.


Welcome ! Plants have more to offer. Let the buds keep fattening up you got several weeks to go. Plants looking good.


Thanks for your timeline and picture. I have been reading other grow journals here and it looked like it was longer than the 70 days in the ILGM description. Like I said I am still in shock this is working. I am starting to get real joy from taking care of them. Very relaxing. Stay safe.


Oh just wait!!! The real joy is on its way. It took almost 30 days of curing but when it was done it was amazing! Friends and fam couldn’t get enough. I have a little over a 1/2 oz left and I’m gonna have to keep it for special occasions

Even if it crashes and burns at this point it has given me confidence to continue. I am a MMJ patient and where I live in the northeast the dispensary prices are criminal. Again thank you and everyone replying to this thread.


$75 for 3.5G here, that’s recreational med cards are less expensive

If it was any other product people would be screaming price gouging. My friend in Washington state always snaps me a pic of his dispensary menu. Prices are a third of our area.

Denver you could get 1 oz for $500 so not much better and that was 3 years ago. I made that trip 3 times for over 6k miles between the trips. I would get 3 oz for $450 per ounce. Veterans discount.

My first crop paid for my entire set up after I got my HLG lights.


Wow I thought the Cali and Colorado markets were flooded, that’s expensive

Yes it is. Medical was about $125 per ounce if you have a MMC in Colorado but they don’t test it. So you don’t know what you are getting. If you bought top shelf they test it. They place on the label whats what.

I don’t know if they jacked the prices up for the Medical MC in Colorado. This was from 3 years ago.

I was going to live in Teepee in Southern Colorado so my sister said it was ok to grow. She didn’t want to lose me paying the house mortgage, insurance and taxes of $650 a month. And since I travel the world, I know my stuff is safe. We son’t argue, fight nor have disagreements so it was an easy decision to not move. Both of us benefit me staying here. I am also a fall hazard so much safer than being on my own.