Gg4 yellowing problem


Thats sucks bro. How the ladies looking over there? Should be almost chopping time!


I am in 18 gallon plastic totes so flushing is a task lol flushed them twice that much dirt takes so long to dry out but monday is the two weeks tomorrow i think im going to flush one more time


Yea. Thats ALOTTA dirt. Just poke me when u post pics :joy::joy::joy:


Yea it is a crap ton of dirt lol and putting 3 times as much water as dirt is like two bath tubs lol im definitely dropping down to 10 gal pots on my next one lol and i will poke you when i post pics i will do some before chop after chop after trim and hanging to dry then after a week do a weight how long should i jar the bud for some people say a month and i got these belveda humidity packs keeps your jars at 62 percent humidity do you think that is too high they have lower ones


The longer they are jarred with proper humidity. The better she’ll taste. If u have weed in 6 months n bovedas still viable. Then the weed will be fantastic! But after the week of drying she is smokable (usually). Also dont forget to ‘burp’ your jars first week. Twice daily for 10-20 mins a day just open the jar to allow fresh air inside