Gg4 yellowing problem


Yea above stays at 75 78 until lights out then drops to 65 68 below humidity like 40 but below humidity is 60s and temp is around 70


My next grow will be alot more professional but no clue when that will be landlord bitches about electric going up so i think this is my last for a while


Defo man. Dont draw unnecessary attention. Especially from the home owner.

And thats what each grow is about. Fine tuning for the next. And growing urself some clean potent medication


Yea i dont smome its for my wife i just love the smell of it growing lol i used to smoke but for some reason i had a panic attack but i just watxhed a video with these professional growers even the one guy said he loves sativas but they make his heart race i think maybe indicas are my way back to calm smoking


Alright so ph tester came in its calibrated just tested my water epsome and molasses mix it was 7.3 so i have been hitting it with high ph its whole life hope it helps the last month i brought it down to 6.6



Those are some FROSTY mf’n buds man. And dang. This far all the way outta wack. :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: She grew fine anyway. Did u go in at 6.6? Or runoff was at 6.6? Anywho. Girl looks good


Going in at 6.6 tomorrow and then check my run off i feel like flushing her because of the messed up ph i been using but i dont want her to suffer from doing that and thanks i am zo impatient lol i been down there looking at them for hours every day


What is your opinion on when to start the count for days of flowering i started my count as soon as i switched to 12 12 but people are saying the first 2 weeks are counted as stretch


check this pic out man she is a beauty


I kinda got confused by that too. Now i count a ‘transition period’ until first pistils pop up. N i wouldnt flush. Just try to get her pH down. N hope ur soil isnt loaded with Nitrogen leftovers lol


They’re looking pretty good. I read you got the PH tester pen…definitely a good buy. What kind of medium are you using? I use Pro Mix and I try to never go above 6.5.


I use fox farm ocean forest and fax farm big bloom tiger bloom and grow big i did mine around 655ish and i tested the run off for the first time it was only 677 so with not testing ph ever it wasnt that bad lol i thought it was going to be a lot worse my first 2 months i used my fish tank water made me nervous on ph


Got some new updates fixed my humidity problem feels good lol


Damn… that’s beautiful :cry::heart_eyes::cry: just beautiful


I put a big dehumidifier in the tent come home from work and is 106 degrees in the tent i was so mad curled up and dried out leaves


Too far too fast. How are the girls


Yeah those things put out some heat. Mine raises the temp in my 11x11 grow room by 4-5 degrees.


I will post some pics tonight my leaves look like crap but buds look awesome some of my leaves on the buds curled and dried to :frowning:


Here are some pics the one on the left you can tell i didnt top much