Gg4 yellowing problem

Hey everyone second time ever growing first time i did ak47 auto and turned out great now i have 2 gg4 girls in flowering and im haveing trouble would love some info on whats going on my plant is turning yellow and fan leaves are just falling off i thought humidity problem fixed that and still happening thought nitro diff and just keeps happening it stoped on my one but not the other do you think i should feed the one more than the other she is a bit fater

20180903_221344_Burst01 20180903_221330 20180903_221318


Im also looking for an old friend that helped me threw my first grow i think his handle was majitoker

What is your Ph? You can keep feeding, but if the Ph is off feeding won’t help.

I can honestly say i didnt buy anything to test the ph so that prob is the issue


My GG#4 is doing the same thing right now. mine got its roots hot. Just trying to keep it going for the two more weeks till its done :clown_face:
It sucks cuz the Blue Dream next to it is loving life

Ah, well there ya go then. Get yourself a cheap Ph meter, it will save you a lot of headaches.

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The one in the back , all the fan leaf’s falling off :clown_face:

i believe that @Majiktoker is over at robert bergmans lab… maybe he will stop by @patrick_walden
they kinda look hungry,but i agree with the needing to know PH …i use advanced nutrients,ph perferct.
they are developing rapidly at this point, so i throw the coal on…lol

Stupid question lol but is fish tank strips and ph up and down the same thing

And i kinda hate transplantin so i start out in big plastic storage tubs do you think the soil gets all the goodness sucked out of it and used up is that the reason behind starting in smaller pots is when you transplant into a bigger one it is starting off in fresh soil again

20180824_021631 20180820_002511

Super thick base tho i took an idea from some guy on youtube that grows actual trees starting in those fiber cube things i forgot the name of them

@patrick_walden It’s kinda hard to see the yellowing in you pics, but towards the end of a grow I look forward to yellowing leaves near the bottom of my plant. It’s ok for slow, predictable yellowing and leaf death to work it’s way up in those last few weeks. You should be cutting back your nutes around weeks 6-7 to prep for a week 8 flush. This allows the plant to consume what’s in the leaves so you don’t have to.

Back to your plants, I can’t see the problem in those pics but it looks like you’re around early week 4 (plus minus a few days) of flower so don’t go upping your nutes to compensate without checking your PH. PH that is not in the right range can cause what looks like a deficiency because the elements won’t transport up through the stalk.

I’m on my fourth grow: GSC Auto and Mama Mia scrog. I have previously grown bag seed then moved up to genetics like Diesel Auto, Onyx Auto, Pineapple Chunk, Red Dragon. I can honestly say I would not have survived my first grow if not for this site and it’s dedicated growers…both pro and hobbyists.

I just read you haven’t checked your PH. Definitely get a $20 pen at a minimum and stay on top of it. This is a great site for support and anyone worth their weight in bud will name PH as the first item to check in case of a problem. Google: ph nutrient chart, but not only that take the time to learn the elements and what they do for your plant.

Photo of Pineapple Chunk (left) Red Dragon (right) harvested last month.


Yea i will go get a ph reader my gf got me one that has two probe things but it reacts only to muddy soil my roots wont even let me grab any soil to test lol but i will have pics later to show you the yellowing those pics are from last week

How much wieght did you get from her

I remember @Majiktoker, haven’t heard from him in a long while @patrick_walden

Yea its been 2yrs since the my last grow havent heard from him since

75g from Red Dragon, 170g from Pineapple Chunk. Just under 9z.

Yea i just ordered a digital pen from amazon

You know when you order seeds it says yields 18 ounces lol i wounder if they mean from all 5 seeds lol

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