GG4 x Zkittlez photoperiod plants look very small

From a fellow grower: plants are very stunted for day 35 from seed also one of the plants that sprouted ended up dying on day 3 and I have a plant that looks like it’s only a week old even tho they all sprouted at the same time.

The only thing I’m worried about was the fact that there really stunted for the age of veg I’m going on day 39 and still pretty small.

I’m growing in coco loco from fox farms I added more perlite to the mix also added earth worm casting and gaia green 4-4-4. I just wanted to know if the GG4 x zkittlez photos are supposed to me this small at this stage, I’ve seen other gross with the same day way bigger. Also I’m using a sf2000 light pulling 135 watts so I don’t think its a light issue.


Your plants are looking healthy Growmie. At 35 days from seed their actually around week 3 of veg and look a little behind but not drastic. Coco loco is a great medium and a lighter medium than soil but denser than coco. I would suggest dialing in your environmental conditions with temps at 68-82, RH for this stage of growth between 50-60%. Set your lighting, short of a meter I would suggest the PHOTONE smart phone app. With 3 plants in that space will become an issue during flower…they’ll double in size. Research HST and LST to help with this but realistically that space will flower 1 plant :love_you_gesture: